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Today's research fun was the architecture of English cathedrals in the 15th century. Or just, you know, anything pre-Reformation. Which resulted in eight tabs, and about a dozen different wikipedia articles to start from (because I just need to know where things are, I don't need to cite exact sources and show my work in this case). I might poke at it more later, but I have what I needed for the scene, even if it was frustrating to find the information I needed.

So, have gotten the funeral procession in the AU of an AU to St. Paul's (Old St. Paul's, not the current building), and next I get them to Westminster, and bury Robert next to his infant brother in the cathedral there.

I have it in my head that in the original AU, Henry, Blanche, and their two sons who died young - Thomas (less than a year) and James (five) - are buried in a chapel together. The other six are buried in various other places - Robert with Catherine in Westminster, Margaret with Owen and her second husband (currently undecided as to location, needs research), Edward with his wife in Lancaster, Joan with her husband wherever her husband is and whoever I chose for her, Richard with his wife somewhere to be determined, and Elizabeth in the convent she was abbess of.

So of course in the AU of the AU, Robert joins Thomas in that chapel in which Henry and Blanche will later be buried. And, if I keep the later siblings and their living and dying, also James in 1422.

I'm also contemplating not having Henry die in 1422 in this particular variation of the AU, in part because Margaret's already going to have trouble from some people because of her gender, and being only 14 in 1422 would make it even harder for her. Although a 14 year old Queen Margaret would be interesting. Because she would take no shit. However, a queen in the middle of puberty... no, I'm really not sure I want to go there.

Anyway. Onward to burying Robert and the aftermath in which Henry makes Margaret Prince of Wales (Princess of Wales, I suppose, but I'm very tempted for the conversation to result in Margaret, despite being female, being still named Prince of Wales, because she is unequivocally her father's heir, and her new title reflects that). And Bedford hopes that his niece survives this, Thomas Beaufort (Exeter) does his best to make sure she will be as good a warrior as any man who might face her on a battlefield, and Margaret throws herself into the challenge of being the heir to a country that isn't sure a woman is capable of ruling with all the enthusiasm and determination she has.
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Title: Half-Dreaming of Death
Fandom: Highlander, Historical RPF, Shakespeare, Mythology
Genres: Alternate Universe, Crossover
Rating: Teen
Pairing: Henry/Montjoy
Time Period: World War I
Characters: Henry of Monmouth (as Captain Henry Leroy), Haerviu (as Chaplain John Mccrae), others as dream-figures
Word Count: 1929

Notes: A sort of crossover between my Eternal Plantagenet AU and the mostly-canon Highlander AU which Haerviu/Montjoy inhabits.

Summary: He grips the hand as tightly as he might, and surrenders to the strange half-world that lies between death and waking.

He knows he cannot die like this, but the feel of blood running out under the hands that try to staunch the flow still brings with it the terrible fear of the unknown. )


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Haven't done one of these in a while.

Admit Me has gotten another 680 words added to it today, and I think I'll have more on it before I go to bed tonight. I have a good idea where things are going, and I have a history book to give me a hand in research - yes, I know, only one source, but I can only afford to buy one book at a time right now. Shall have to see about other sources later, but for now, the one I have is sufficient for this story.

[ profile] auberus and I have started another story over the weekend, this one involving Montjoy the herald from Shakespeare's Henry V being an Immortal, and a crossover with Burn Notice. It's proving interesting so far, particularly as I know that at some point I'm going to have to prod at the Montjoy/Henry V dynamic, as it's been driving some of his reactions to Michael in the story.

But Montjoy as an Immortal is actually rather nice to play with - he's certainly easier to work with than Henry, for all that he's quieter and not always as willing to talk. Because when he does, he stays on one subject rather than trying to do everything at once.

But Henry's awake again, hence the more on Admit Me, so all's good anyway.

And yes, am babbling.

Black, White and Gray is almost to the point where I can say I've reached the halfway mark in editing it. Then four more chapters to edit, and hopefully enough more to (1) meet the big bang requirements, and (2) find a point which might be called a stopping point for more than just a chapter, even if it doesn't yet meet back up with the beginning of the story.

Before the end of June. While still working on Admit Me, and the King With Two Crowns alternate history. And whatever project I'm working on with [ profile] auberus.

I think I can manage it, but it will be entertaining, either way.

As for projects with [ profile] auberus, there's the one mentioned above, there's a couple that are OCs FTW, and a Caspian-and-Silas post-apocalyptic AU. And several others that I'm still weeding through and figuring out what I think I can finish before sending the list to [ profile] auberus for her to weed down further. Maybe, just maybe, we'll figure out what'll eventually be finished, what's to be abandoned, and what's ready for beta and what's ready for posting. I hope.


And I have one other writing project I do need to eventually finish up, but won't quite yet. And that would be the One Night In Moscow AU, particularly the story that would be regarding the reason I use that name for the AU, and at least one more after Koshka that involves Pepper and Ivan and Tony. And making life very entertaining for them. In ways both good and bad.

Well, ok, really I have a boatload of other projects to work on, but right now I'm attempting to keep myself to three active projects at a time. Even if I'm not certain I'll manage it. *shrugs* I might, at some point, do a list of all the writing projects I have in progress, and then figure out from there what's really abandoned, and what I might poke at again, and what's in desperate need of a blow-torch and heavy editing.
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So. Been working on fic w/[ profile] auberus this weekend, and have gotten some done on a couple different stories (having switched between a couple because one of my muses went AWOL while I was having difficulty making my computers play nice with each other). Also, in between tags, have been working on Rounds of Kink stories. Two down, a third well started, and probably going to do at least a couple more of the prompts I have. Even if I know a few of them will be posted late, so that they're all in order. And possibly some will be posted early.

And those Rounds of Kink stories? Are so far a series, and making me a happy person. Iron Man movie-verse, Pepper/Ivan, with Tony on the side starting with the one in progress, possibly leading to Pepper/Ivan/Tony at some point. I will get back to Henry after I'm done with these, but I need to get the Pepper/Ivan plot bunny out of my system.

Although, I do have some pretty extensive planning going on with the Mistress to Queen AU for Henry, so not too worried about being able to write that. And if I can get back in the swing of writing every day, I shouldn't have a problem working on that story along with the rest. I hope.
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A few things.

- Been a while since I had any real inspiration for an actual proper round of [ profile] rounds_of_kink. For this round? I have one finished, and another started. Granted, both are the same pairing, and the second follows the morning after the first, but still. Two. And eight prompts listed to possibly make into a linked series. Depending on how generous the muses are.

- Admit Me, Chorus to This History is being a little difficult again, but I know where it's going. And I think I might have an idea on how to get it past the current difficulty (other than simply skipping about a year's worth of time). We'll see how it works, and if it doesn't, then I'll go to plan B. Which would be that skipping of a year.

- I think I need to find a beta for my [ profile] rounds_of_kink stories. Anyone on my flist willing to beta-read some kinky (but not always smutty) Iron Man movie-verse fic that's Pepper Potts/Ivan Vanko? Or at least, currently Pepper/Ivan, because there's a distinct chance I'll end up with Tony in there as well at some point.

- This weekend I need to do some cleaning of the apartment. And clean my silverware. And probably run a load through the dishwasher. And definitely do some laundry. And cook the apple crisp and the pear crisp that I've been planning. And the duck. And some sausage gravy and some biscuits before either the sausage or the buttermilk have a chance to go south, as they're both open. And do something with the eggs.

Um, yeah. Lots of stuff with the apartment.

- Need to go through story files and figure out what in there is ready to be posted and I'm willing to post. And then email [ profile] auberus with thoughts on ones we've worked on together and I think are ready to post (or be sent to a beta-reader, possibly, though there's a wide range of fandoms, themes, and ratings on those).

- Should work on the story listings. And the website. May or may not get to that.

- Need to poke at Romana and tag on the sandbox thread. And probably the same with Margaret.
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All I have to say about Admit Me right now is frogs in Montjoy's hat. Also, it's going again. And I can see the end. Only another 6500 words or so for this chapter and no more than 5000 words for the epilogue. And then I shall post the story I've been randomly babbling bits about since November, and let y'all have at.
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Word Count: 9013
Chapter Warnings: Non-explicit sex, mentioned deaths
Characters Present:
The Chorus, James Stretton, Knight of Warwick
Henry of Monmouth, Prince of Wales
Blanche Stretton, mistress of Henry of Monmouth, later Princess of Wales
Henry Beaufort, Bishop of Winchester
Robert of Stretton, a child
Thomas Beaufort, Captain of Calais, later Lord Chancellor, Earl of Dorset
Margaret of Lancaster, a child
Henry of Bolingbroke, King of England
Edward of Lancaster, a child
Maude, a servant of Blanche's
Henry Chichele, Bishop of St. David's
Thomas FitzAlan, Earl of Arundel
Henry Scroop, Baron of Masham
Thomas of Lancaster, an infant

Chapter Index ~ Previous Chapter ~ Next Chapter

Admit Me, Chorus to This History, Chapter 2 )
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Been a week without internet. Have not written much of Admit Me, Chorus to This History. Have finished my HLH story. Am mostly happy with it, though not as happy as I would be if I'd managed to get the other story done in time. Which I've also worked on, and am aware that it still has at least three plot lines, no end in sight, and I'm still not sure how the three storylines are going to tie into each other yet.

cut for length and babbling that's almost stream-of-consciousness )

I think that's all for now, and I shall stop babbling and go do some work on a story before I have to get food into the crockpot and ready for work.
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So, this month. Wrote 50k on various stories and in story discussion. And then some. Granted, not all alone, but it's still there.

Finally started on my HLH story. Twice, in fact. Neither was the original plot bunny that popped into my head when I saw the assignment. And the one is turning into a bloody novel, so it's getting put on the back burner to sort itself out while I write something shorter, and possibly less what my recipient is looking for. Hopefully it'll work, though. *crosses fingers*

Still am not sure of the end of the second chapter of Admit Me, Chorus to This History. I know what I'm having trouble with, and why I'm having trouble with it, and eventually I will get past the issue with writing the death of a five-month-old infant in the early 15th century. The other death is going to be much easier by comparison. *sighs, and promises herself she'll go back to it after the HLH story is done*

Have done some work on the Great Crossposting and Fic Listing Project, though not as much as I'd like. Probably because I've been a little busy on the getting writing done. Will worry more about it later.

Must remember to get internet for the new apartment ASAP. While the community room has free wi-fi, it closes before I get home at night, so while I'll be able to do things like check my email and stuff, I won't be able to do so late at night when I prefer to. On the other hand, I'll have writing time uninterrupted by distractions on the internet at night until I get it installed.

Which might allow me to map out the rest of Admit Me, Chorus to This History, and perhaps some sketching out of some other things. Fic-of-fic, the plot bunny that ate Humphrey-muse's boots.

Also, will give me some time to unpack stuff mom's bringing up. And get my bed set up. And settle into the apartment. *takes a deep breath* Yeah.

Anyway. I'll end this with the usual note for the sort of Tuesday I've had. Tuesdays suck.


Nov. 25th, 2010 11:22 pm
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So, I recently finally started my [ profile] hlh_shortcuts assignment. It's not the plot bunny I originally had, and I have no idea where it's going. But I've ended up with two characters migrating from other stories, and I want to kill one of my muses. He's creeping me out.

Anyway. That's the most of it at the moment. Oh, and I'm procrastinating on the Henry V fic, because I am not looking forward to the couple of deaths that I need to write.

Word count for November so far: 45,172. Needed each of the next four days: 1,207. If the muses do another word dump this weekend, that's going to be easy. If not, I'm going to be short. We'll see.

Edit: And if I add scraps in, I add another several thousand words, I think. I need to go check the actual word count on my scrap. I also add several thousand words if I count the massive amounts of plot discussion from my emails to my beta on my Henry V fic. I'm tempted to use that, and call my NaNo over so I don't have to worry about word dump over the weekend.
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2400+ words today so far. Expanded one scene, did a short Chorus scene that got a paragraph shorter when I decided to expand the last bit into proper scenes instead of a quick summary. Plus a scene that will get added back in after I finish the next bit of expanded scene. I'm pretty proud of that, though I'd like to have gotten more written today (and might still, it's only 7pm). And once I get that all done, all I've got left in this chapter is two deaths. One an infant, one a king.

Then I've only got... nine more years worth of events to cover for this story. After which it's going to be plotting out the first story for the other alternate history concept, and probably plotting out further history of this one. And adding a new plot bunny to the queue, once Humphrey rescues his boots from it. If I figure out what to do with it, anyway.

Edit: ... and I should know better than to go poking about too much in the middle of writing a scene. *facepalm* On the other hand, it does give me more fodder for the latter chapters of the story. And particularly more for the other alternate history. Still not likely to change much of my particular blend of characterization of him in the long run.

Edit 2: 3k and change. New scene finished, I think, and the other scene returned to its place. Now to cover December 1412, and February & March 1413. *rubs hands together* And the chapter itself stands at just over 8k.

On writing

Nov. 17th, 2010 11:48 pm
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I got a chunk done after ending up home early from work. And am looking at it and muttering about telling instead of showing, though the passage works with the style of the story. I think, though, I'm going to have to go back to it tomorrow or on the weekend, and expand it. Try to show more than tell, at least for some of it, particularly the opening bit. Which is going to involve figuring out exactly how I'm going to go about the characterization of Henry Beaufort as more than the briefly-seen figure he's been so far. Ditto Thomas Beaufort. Not an impossible task, save when I'm tired and slightly frustrated.

So, tomorrow or Friday or Saturday. Taking three paragraphs and turning the first one into a more expanded scene, at least. Possibly leaving the other two mostly as is, if they follow on well enough from an expanded scene. And after that, a scene break and another Chorus scene. And then playing with Henry IV again in a scene that is going to involve an argument.

However, first need to get the expanded scene done. By the end of the weekend. *is determined*
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Not necessarily SFW, and drink-warning )

And as I've been pausing liberally for writing of other stuff in the meanwhile, it's now after 1a, and bedtime. Shall have to finish up watching it tomorrow. Morning or evening depends on other things I've got to get done.
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Word Count: 9851
Chapter Warnings: Sex
Characters Present:
The Chorus, James Stretton, son of Robert Stretton and later Knight of Warwick
Robert Stretton, Knight of Shropshire
Blanche Stretton, daughter of Sir Robert, later mistress of Henry of Monmouth
Maude, a servant of the Strettons
Henry of Monmouth, Prince of Wales
Henry Scroop, Lord, later Baron of Masham
Henry Beaufort, Bishop of Winchester
Robert of Stretton, a child

Chapter Index ~ Next Chapter

Admit Me, Chorus to This History, Chapter 1 )
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Title: Admit Me, Chorus to This History
Fandom: History, Shakespeare
Genre: Fantasy, Alternate Universe/Alternate History
Rating: R
Warnings: Sex, Violence
Word Count: 35,091

Summary: An alternate history or alternate reality, if you will, wherein what some might call a romance is played out between a prince whose passions are power and war and a girl who wants nothing so much as family.

(Full story on AO3)
A Good Heart Is the Sun (on LiveJournal)
With Good Acceptance Of His Majesty (on LiveJournal)
If It Be a Sin to Covet Honor ( on LiveJournal)
Small Time, But In That Time Most Greatly Lived (on LiveJournal)

Additional Stories:
All of the additional stories which are listed here are set between 1400 and 1422. If a story is connected with a specific chapter, it will be noted in the header notes for that story.

And In His Wake, Death (On LiveJournal, On AO3)


Drawn From History:
Henry of Monmouth, Prince of Wales, King Henry V of England
Henry Beaufort, Bishop of Winchester
Thomas Beaufort, Earl of Dorset, Duke of Exeter
Henry of Bolingbroke, King Henry IV of England
Catherine of Valois, Princess of France, Princess of Wales, Queen of England
Henry of Lancaster, Prince of Wales
Richard of Conisburgh, Earl of Cambridge
Henry Scroop, Baron of Masham

From Shakespeare's Henry V:
Montjoy, French Herald
Thomas Gray, Knight of Northumberland

The Rest of the Cast:
Blanche Stretton, daughter of Sir Robert, mistress to Henry of Monmouth, Princess of Wales, Queen of England
The Chorus, James Stretton, son of Robert Stretton, Knight of Warwick
Robert of Stretton, Prince of Wales, King Robert I of England, King Robert I of France
Robert Stretton, Knight of Shropshire
Margaret of Lancaster, Princess of England
Edward of Lancaster, Duke of Normandy, Duke of Lancaster
Thomas of Lancaster, an infant
Joan of Lancaster, Princess of England
Richard of Lancaster, Duke of Aquitane, Duke of Clarence
Elizabeth of Lancaster, Princess of England
Elizabeth de Beauchamp, wife of James Stretton
Father Thomas, a priest
Maude, a servant of the Strettons

Notes: A story I didn't intend to write until the muses insisted, and which has morphed from where it began into something I'm enjoying writing after all. Massive thanks go to [ profile] hyarrowen for beta-reading and letting me babble at her; also to [ profile] auberus and [ profile] twistdfateangel for cheerleading.

All deviances from history that aren't mine are what I've drawn from Shakespeare's Henry V, and in particular, the 1989 film adaptation by Kenneth Branagh. Having not read either Henry IV, Part I, or Henry IV, Part II, nothing is drawn from those plays in the characterization of any involved.

And a note of interest is that the English and their holdings reckoned the new year on 25 March up until the 18th century. Hence, between 1 January and 25 March, they still reckon it as the year before other countries which have the year begin in January. Thus, references made to the new year in the story generally refer to the English reckoning.

Kydicaus is the fifteenth century spelling of Chef de Caux, a place name for a location near Harfluer.


Nov. 8th, 2010 12:31 pm
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These updates tend to get written when I've hit a snag or a slow spot in the writing. This one, for instance, comes to you courtesy of a scene that's been restarted a half-dozen times and is still not working out to my liking. So I've been researching instead, on a variety of things that will feed details for the story.

And now, as I'm trying to keep from researching far from the topics I need to (when I start clicking on links that take me more than a couple centuries out from the time period I'm focusing on, it's time to stop before I get too distracted). I want to put in another 5-6K before I hit the plot point that is the death of Henry IV and the coronation of Henry V. I'm pretty sure I can manage it, but at the moment, the words aren't flowing as much as I'd like.

It's only an hour before I leave for work, though, so perhaps it's not such a bad idea to leave the scene alone and worry about it later, like after I get home, or even tomorrow morning.
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Did eventually manage to get through the scene with Henry IV in Admit Me, Chorus to This History. And then covered two years in a single scene from the Chorus. Mind, I'm not sure how much of importance to Henry and the female lead actually would have happened in those two years, so. That scene from the Chorus, though, also glosses over a plot point that is sorta important. I may have to go back and change things later, but for now, that was what it took to get the story moved.

However, it also changes where the next chapter break is likely to be, and might mean hunting for a new chapter title at some point. And I'm finding myself less fussy about that than I might normally be. So long as I get the word count I want for the chapter, life is good.

On the other hand, I might go back and try to expand the glossed-over plot point, which will help things. I dunno. Momentum has been lost, at any rate, and sometimes it's difficult to get it back. I'll see how things go.

*goes to make up her mind what she's going to do next with the story*

*pauses a moment in her writing*

Mm. And the expansion of the plot point is going well. Apparently the muses just needed a kick in the ass to get moving. Momentum, I think, has been restored. *shrugs, and goes back to writing*
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Title: Intercepting Letters From the Queen
Co-Author: [ profile] auberus
Fandoms: Highlander, History
Genres: Crossover, Alternate History
AU: Eternal Plantagenet
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Violence
Characters: Methos (as Robert Mortimer, Lord Wellesly), Henry of Monmouth (as Henry Lancaster), a physician, soldiers
Word Count: 4219

Notes: This is the first story of Henry's activities during the late 16th century, beginning during the reign of Elizabeth I.

Summary: When Methos is ordered to Wales with letters from the Queen, he knows the risk of attracting the attention of Henry Lancaster. He doesn't expect the man he meets.

Intercepting Letters From the Queen )


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