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A piece that may or may not be included in the main story, but does contain spoilers for concepts I plan to use at some point in either Four For Fire, or a story that follows up on that arc. Or both.

Visions of Family

AU: Children of FireWord Count: 1140Characters: Sam Carter, Jolinar of Malkshur, Pele

She is memories and dreams, trapped in a the back of a mind that doesn’t know how to listen for her, and cannot help but talk to her. Her shouts might be the barest whispers of instinct, almost never noticed, but sometimes when she listens to the ramble of Sam’s unconscious mind, she thinks perhaps it sometimes is.

Jolinar has no body, no neurons and synapses of her own, only those borrowed unwitting and unwilling - on both their parts - from Sam, and no more strength than a ghost. It gives her both a strange freedom and traps her in a cage she has no means of breaking.

When Sam’s dreams murmur of a David Rossi, of a plea to save his brother, to save Baal, Jolinar wishes she had enough strength to be more than an unconscious whisper, and to rattle her unintended cage. To shake Sam and add her own plea to that of her brother. She has such a small family, and she cannot bear the thought of even the spoiled baby being lost for his capture by those she had once been part of.

She had always been careful to keep him out of their sights, even if she couldn’t keep them from noticing his existance and the empire he would build.

All she can do is scream until she exhausts what strength she has, and shake the dreaming-self and plead her own dream-self horse for her brother’s life. Her mother’s youngest, the baby she had done so much to protect, because she couldn’t protect her other brother, and could only keep her mother secret.

It’s a surprise, then, when she sees the flash of crimson in the dreams that tell her of the world, to see the glowing gold of the queen who she had never thought to see again. To see the loose robes of her youngest brother, the great thrones of carven wood, the riot of jungle and the rich feast of welcome. To know her former host, her last host, has perhaps heard her screams and done what could be done to save Baal. Taken her home to her mother, though she cannot sit at Pele’s feet and lean her head against her knee as she wishes she could.

Cannot chose to leave her host to swim in the rivers of the great mountain, to give Sam release from her entirely, when she is so trapped that all mourn her death-final. It had been good for Sam, before, but now it makes this collection of synapses all the more a cage from which she cannot break free, and cannot bring herself to will into destruction.

“The ashrak killed her. I was there.”

“There is no trace of her body, perhaps, but that does not mean she is dead in finality.”

“I won’t let you destroy my mind just to find some memories of Jolinar.”

“It will not destroy your mind, and it is not memories I seek. Only my daughter.”

It is as if she walks into a garden both familiar and not, the crimson flowers that her mother loves perfuming the air around her. There are others who rest in the garden, Sam looking confused and awed, and Pele as regal as ever, though worry etches lines around gold-glowing eyes.

She doesn’t pay any attention to Sam, going to sit at her mother’s feet, leaning against her knee as she tries to hide a shudder of relief. A broken lock on an unknowing prison, a chance to escape and be given life renewed in a body that is entirely her own. A new host can be found, will be found, there are never a shortage on her mother’s world.

“How is it possible?” Sam is watching her, gaze incredulous. “How does this even work?”

“Like the harakesh, only somewhat less painful. My brother isn’t the only one who meddles with technology.” Jolinar turns her head to look at Sam now, a wry smile crossing her dream-face. “Both of them have their interests. I had mine, and mother had hers.”

“And your death?”

“Was intended. Life was… unexpected, and very annoying. You couldn’t even hear me when I screamed as loud as I could.” Jolinar shivers, and leans into the hand that comes to rest on the back of her neck. She will have to learn to dream herself in her true form again, not in the body of Sam, but for now, it is all she can summon up.

“You can be removed from my mind with this?”

“Yes and no.” Pele’s voice is rich with familiar reverberation, even here. “I can… copy Jolinar from here, and give her memories and a version of her conscious self to a new offspring. But it will not take her from your mind, unless the synapses that she has been are destroyed. Damage to your brain.”

Jolinar can see Sam wince, and can see her beginning to think it over. She does not like to think of herself split, but it is a risk.

“If that happens, and if I agreed to host Jolinar again, would she be able to reintegrate herself from my brain and herself in her new body, and take the other self from me without the same sort of damage?”

It’s a thought that Jolinar isn’t certain of, but intrigued by. Certainly she could repair a certain amount of brain damage in her host, and she could see overwhelming the weaker echo of herself, though which would truly be the weaker echo, she doesn’t know. But if she could do this, and could leave Sam after, it would allow her to know she has not left herself behind.

Pele’s fingers toy with the strands of her dream-self’s hair, silent for a long moment. “There may be another way to do this. This must be discussed with others.” She draws her hand from Jolinar’s neck. “Will you be content to wait for a chance to leave?”

It is a question addressed to Jolinar, and she shifts so she can stand, can pace and think, though the motion is no more physical than any other dream. If she can wait, trapped in neurons and synapses not her own, for a while, there may be a way out without leaving herself behind. But it means remaining in a cage without anyone to hear her for an unknown length of time, and that terrifies her almost beyond reason.

“Can you make it easier to be heard, while I wait?” She hates the momentary wobble in her voice, dislikes the idea of being utterly dependent on others to give her a window to sanity, but she has to. She cannot be trapped here alone again, even if it means having to find a way to destroy a second-self later.
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A tag for another episode today. Episode three of season five, this time. Reckoner. Again, one of the last scenes of the episode, because this is an episode I have to figure out the changes to. It involves Rossi's hometown, and there's no way he and Tages pushed their body younger than just post-adolescence.

Part of that is my headcanon that it's one of the things that drove Ra mad - keeping his body so young he was constantly trying to cope with adolescent hormones. Part of it is Tages refuses to deal with that, and he isn't entirely happy with being close to that age, either.

Criminal Minds/Stargate SG-1: Children of Fire AU

/She was beautiful./ Tages sighs quietly in the back of Rossi's mind. /And so very good at keeping secrets./

/So was Ray./ Rossi strokes the edge of the locket he'd taken from Schuller, letting memories float across his mind of the two kids who'd invaded his life when they were barely old enough to be off on their own. Two kids who'd decided he was theirs, and learned fast how to lie and well to everyone around them. /They deserved better./

/Many people deserve better. So many of the people we've known, and loved, over our life./ There's a familiar frustrated grief in Tages's mental voice. One Rossi shares, even though he knows they've done what they have to. More so now than before. And it's hard every time, letting go of those they love best.

Aaron looks up, the movement just enough to catch his attention, though he doesn't take his gaze off the little photograph in the locket.

"She was special to you."

An invitation to talk, if he's willing. To tell Aaron about a life between lives, when he'd been the recluse trying to decide who to be, found by a pair of mortal children who saw right through him.

Or to pretend he was a child with them, the lie he's told again and again until he can believe it when he tells it. That everyone believes, and builds a memory from themselves, that Emma and Ray had a third friend who ran with them, just their age. A bit quiet, a bit sheltered, but a good kid who went and made a name for himself after high school.

He lets his lips twitch, just barely a smile.

"I was just thinking. When I first met Emma, I knew I would love her for the rest of my life."

As long as they remember, neither he nor Tages ever truly stops loving those they've called family.

"We were... twelve years old." He lets a real smile warm his expression, looking up to meet Aaron's gaze. Drawing a deep breath before continuing, "She always said we were doomed to be star-crossed lovers. Destined to wonder, what might have been."

/So many what ifs. One of the biggest - what if we had a ship? A way to get off this planet, to show her and Ray the galaxy. What could we have been, the three of us?/ Tages huddles in on himself a moment, melencholy permeating his presence. /We could have kept them both, I think./

Rossi looks down at the locket again, nodding his head, though he has to wonder if it would have been worth it.

/We could have tried to keep them all, but would they have wanted that? Or would they have regretted leaving everything they know for a galaxy that may well still look down on them for being a singular person, with no symbiote to speak of?/

"I never... slept with her, you know." He gestures with the locket a moment, returning his gaze to Aaron's face. "That wasn't true. What I said to Schuller. That was just to... get under his skin, knock him off his game."

Aaron looks away this time, down at the case file open on the table between them. "I understand."

And Rossi is certain he does, though he doesn't know how much Rossi sometimes wishes it hadn't been a lie. How much Tages sometimes wishes the same.

/She knew who I was. She knew who we were, that we weren't a god or a demon, or anything of that sort. Just. A little more than human./ Tages's voice is soft this time, tinged with regret. Another bit of the gamut of grief and loss, dug back up by Ray's death.

"I should have married her, though." If he'd had the courage then. It would have been interesting, to be married to someone who knew, and loved them both regardless. "When I left the Marines, I was recruited by the Bureau. Spent a few years on the streets. Got involved with starting the BAU. Before I knew it, a lifetime had gone by."

/A blink of an eye, and you'd think we'd know after so many of them just how quickly they can pass us by. How to hold onto the good things./ Tages snorts. /We're supposed to be wisdom, knowledge./

/Sometimes even the smartest, most educated people can be fools, Tages. We're no exception to that./

He closes the locket, the click refocusing them on the here and now.

"I hear you." Aaron only meets his gaze briefly.

"I missed, a life with Emma, because I became obsessed with the chase." He pauses, making sure Aaron looks at him, even if he doesn't keep his gaze up. "With the hunt."

Two and a half thousand years, give or take, and they still keep finding something new on just one small planet. Things to distract and to fascinate, things to do and be. They both regret losing out on a life with Emma, but they can't regret having a chance to learn more, to do something new, to be at the forefront of this latest means of finding and catching those that would harm the people they call their own.

"Dave, he's threatening my family." Aaron looks up and keeps his gaze up this time. Intent and worried and hiding so much more than that behind his worry.

"And we'll get Foyet, Aaron." One way or another.

"Ok, then what's your point?"

Leaning forward, Rossi rests his arms on the table, holding Aaron's gaze. "You have a family. When all this is over, what are you going to do? To make sure you're not a lonely guy, wondering why you let the purest thing in your life get away."

He'd had to let his family - each of his families - go, or risk far more than just his life. Tages had let go of family, and only rarely looks back at what he left behind, and can't return to. Not yet, maybe not ever. But Aaron doesn't have the reasons they do, and he doesn't want to see him destroy himself in this chase.

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Courtesy of my rewatch of Criminal Minds, particularly Faceless, Nameless (season 5, episode 1). Since several episodes have had me thinking about how Tages would fit in around things before he's revealed to exist.

Criminal Minds/Stargate SG-1: Children of Fire AU

/We almost lost him./ Tages sounds as shaken as Rossi feels, though he does his best to hide it while he watches Aaron resting on his hospital bed. /He would have been dead too long, if that piece of fin-rot hadn't brought him here./

/I know./ Rossi keeps his reply internal, even though he would prefer to speak aloud, and knows Tages wants to pace. It takes a moment to lock down that urge again, and by the time they're no longer half a second from exploding into movement, Aaron is watching him in return.

"Did you hear what happened this morning?" Anything to keep himself from blurting out something that would reveal Tages, would make Aaron suspicious of what might be going on beyond Rossi being worried.

"No." Aaron's voice is quiet, and a little rough. Tears, Rossi would wager, that he refuses to admit or shed.

"We had a situation." One which had dragged them from sleep, though fortunately not from a session with the sarcophagus. He'd been planning to do that after he woke up.

/We can use it tonight, before bed. Sleeping after should be enough to let the worst of the side-effects dissapate. The rest we can pass off as the stress of the last case, and this./

"Unsub had already killed two people; said he was going to keep killing, unless a man used his son as bait." Rossi watches Aaron's face, and can feel Tages watching with him. Observing reaction, and judging how well he's getting through to Aaron.

"What happened?" Aaron doesn't break his gaze, only blinks a little, holding so still Rossi worries a little.

"We kept the boy safe." As if there had been any other option. "Worked the profile. It was a happy ending."

/Only because we didn't have to argue with paramedics about Reid./

/There was a doctor right there, and the paramedics weren't far away. He would have been fine even if the wound were a bit worse./

Tages gives a mental snort that Rossi ignores in favor of paying attention to Aaron's reaction to the news. Looking away, his eyes shining a little brighter with unshed tears, not quite what Rossi's looking for.

"Do you know why I'm telling you this?"

Aaron's reply is almost inaudible, but at least it's a yes.

"No other group in the world could have pulled off what your team did in a matter of hours."

Aaron closes his eyes, and Rossi hears Tages begin to curse quietly in the back of his mind.

"I appreciate what you're trying to do, Dave."

"We'll get Foyet."

/And I will eat his.../

/Tages. Remember that I would rather not eat parts of other human beings? No matter how richly they might deserve having parts of them being consumed by a predator in front of their eyes./

/Hmph. I still want to./

There are times when Rossi still is disconcerted by Tages, by the utterly alien mind that has been his companion for so long.

Aaron finally opens his eyes again, but he won't look at Rossi, gaze darting over the ceiling panels instead.

"I promised Haley we would get him, but the truth is if he stops killing, we have no way of tracking him." There's a creeping despair in Aaron's voice that Rossi does not like hearing. "He stopped killing for ten years just for the pleasure of watching Shaunessy's life fall apart."

Aaron stops, letting out a sharp breath, and Rossi has to bite back a promise that there's nowhere Foyet can go on the planet - or anywhere else - that he and Tages can't find him, even if he stops killing. Even if the team fails. It's technology beyond what he should have access to, and no matter how much he wants to protect his team, and his planet, he can't do that if he tips his hand now.

"What's Jack going to remember about me in ten years?" Aaron's voice doesn't quite wobble, but Rossi can hear the break beginning, the fear that Aaron had hidden until now.

He takes a step forward, Tages whispering vicious promises of destruction in his ears. "Hotch, look at me." Rossi waits until Aaron does look back at him to add, "I'm telling you. We'll get him."

/And he will not kill again, even if I have to take him apart with my bare hands./

/You know that will end our career, and make it hard to keep living, if we don't have an exit plan./

/We always have an exit plan, Dave. We'll be fine. So long as the team is alive and in one piece, we'll be fine./

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Crossover: Children of Fire AU

"He needs to know." Aaron looks between General O'Neill and the others gathered in the room, letting his attention settle on Doctor Jackson as the one most likely to listen. "And you owe him that much courtesy."

Jackson grimaces a little, looking over at Teal'c briefly before looking back at Aaron. "If he's the same person who he was when she married him..."

"He is." Aaron is aware of the stir that causes, but he keeps his attention focused on Jackson. "Have you asked him how old he is?"

"He won't answer any questions." Jackson frowns, his brow furrowing in genuine puzzlement. "How do you know he's the same person he was then?"

"I've worked with him for a long time, and trust me when I say there hasn't been an abrupt change in the behavior and personality of David Rossi." There has been a new person brought into the team dynamic, but Dave is the same. Of that much, Aaron is certain.

O'Neill snorts. "The goa'uld have been known to mimic the people they take over, to keep everyone around them off balance."

"You're assuming one person would be able to completely mimic another, down to the smallest detail, without losing their own identity in the process, General, and unless you have proof of that, I'm not going to take your word that David Rossi is not the same man I worked with when I started at the BAU."

"Hotch. General." JJ draws their attention, a stressed smile briefly crossing her face. "Regardless of who Agent Rossi is or is not, we still have the request of a dying woman to tell him what is happening to her. And maybe that can settle some of those questions that haven't been asked, or answered."
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Not actually a snippet from today, because today is being frustratingly bare of words. I'll manage my word count somehow, but not soon enough for a snippet.

Instead, have a bit of snark that I may well lose to the change in POVs, but am really damned fond of.

Crossover: Children of Fire AU

"Someone's spending a lot of money on equipment that looks out of place in an underground bunker, unless you're planning for an apocalypse." He smiles at O'Neill, who's waiting along with a young woman in a lab coat - probably the base doctor - and a j'affa who is watching him with a suprisingly blank expression.

/The one who began the revolution among the j'affa, that Baal called the shol'va Teal'c?/ Tages is radiating discomfort with this situation, and Rossi isn't any more comfortable with it than Tages, though he refuses to display it. Some will bleed through, but he'll deny it as long as possible.

/Probably./ Rossi gives the j'affa a mildly curious look before he returns his attention to O'Neill. "Who's your friend?"

"Teal'c." O'Neill is watching him for a reaction, and Rossi doesn't give him the satisfaction of one. At least they'd been right about their supposition on the j'affa's name.

"He has an interesting tattoo." Rossi shrugs. "Is there a reason you had me arrested and brought here? You made me cancel a date with my ex-wife. I was looking forward to that." He hopes Carolyn isn't too upset that he'd had to cancel without even calling her himself; it hadn't exactly been what he wanted to do, but so long as between them, Aaron and Emily - and the rest of the team - had managed to explain to her, there's not much more to worry about.

"You know why you were brought here. I just want to know why you keep pretending you're not a goa'uld." O'Neill's been hunting, and he's clearly fishing for answers Rossi's not about to provide. His team meeting Tages is one thing. This is entirely another.

"I'm sorry, I don't know what a goa'uld is."

/And he looks like he's bitten into a lemon./ Tages gives a mental snort. /Does he really think that all of us are the same?/

"Then you won't object to a couple tests to make sure." O'Neill gives him a bland smile that sets Rossi on edge.

"Just don't damage the suit. I'd hate to explain to my tailor that his work was destroyed by the US military on a wild goose chase." Rossi lifts his hands, still in the cuffs put on him in Washington. "And do you mind taking these off? They're beginning to chafe."
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Hah! Now I can go read [personal profile] thedeadcat's new fic/chapter.

Criminal Minds/Stargate SG-1: Children of Fire

(I may have figured out how to keep the incipient plot hole from forming! \o/ Changing POVs on the scene, while taking out an entire damned conversation, may have helped.)

"We got all the kids back safe. Think about it, Aaron. How often does that happen?"

"Not often enough." Aaron glances over at Dave, seeing the smile, and the faint hint of gold that has a tendency to be present when Tages shares Dave's mood. It makes him want to smile back, and he takes a step ahead, reaching for the call button to the elevator when the doors open.

Strauss is there, with Major Davis, and a pair of MPs. It's the latter that have Aaron stepping between them and Dave, listening to the rest of the team approaching from the hall. They'll make sure there is a way out, though Aaron isn't sure Dave will take it.

"Agent Hotchner. Agent Rossi."

Strauss is visibly uncomfortable, and Aaron frowns, keeping his hand away from his gun. He has no reason that anyone outside the team knows to need a weapon drawn, and he doesn't want to spook the men with Strauss.

"Agent Rossi, I'm afraid I need to ask you for your badge and your service weapon."

"What is this about?" Aaron doesn't move, not willing to let this go easily. He will do whatever it takes to protect his team, and that includes Tages, from anything that isn't a consequence of a crime.

Strauss shakes her head, unable to tell him, or not allowed, Aaron isn't certain, but neither is a good sign.

"It's all right, Aaron." Dave rests a hand on his shoulder a moment, effectively keeping him from interfering as he steps out of the protective circle of the team. "Just do me a favor, would you? Let Carolyn know I won't be able to make our date tonight?"
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Because I said I would be writing time travel today... *facepalms* And because [ profile] lynati is an evil enabler.

Yes, it's a short snippet. Rossi isn't being as talkative as I like, though I suspect that's because I'm currently still only on Season 2 of my rewatch of Criminal Minds, and still dealing with Gideon.

Crossover: Children of Fire AU
(Criminal Minds, Stargate SG1; time travel and accidentally booted into another galaxy, because sometimes some people don't know when to stop meddling.)

"Tell me this is something you did, Dave." Aaron is looking around the broad plain they're in, where they hadn't been a moment ago. "And you know where we are."

"We would if we could, Aaron." Rossi doesn't even recognize whatever it is that transported them. It wasn't rings, it wasn't anything he could identify as Asgard or Ancient.

/This isn't a planet I recognize. There aren't any petrochemicals in the air, so not Earth, nor any world with a similar technology base. I'm not picking up any trace tastes of any other familiar byproducts of technology, either./

"Tages doesn't know where we are any better than I do." Which isn't good, but doesn't mean all is lost, either. Simply that they're outside the range of the System Lords which Pele called ally once.
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Title: The Art of Surrender (Without Submission)
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Highlander, Sanctuary, Stargate SG1
Genres: Character Study
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 720

Summary: It begins with a choice, as all things do. And it ends with a decision, though perhaps not the same as the beginning.

Four by three )

Notes: I don't know if this is entirely finished, but it is finished for now. The characters were deliberately left unnamed. And if anyone wants to take a snippet and make use of it, they're welcome to it.
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To be updated as I write stories today.

Prompt: Wrong (#994/1000)

Title: Dreaming of Dreams
Fandom: Stargate SG1
AU: Night Mirror
Rating: PG
Characters: Daniel Jackson (canon), Daniel Jackson (NM), Sha're (NM)
Word Count: 803

Summary: There is something subtly off about the entire scenario of the dream.

Dreaming of Dreams )
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Prompt: Nightmare (#389/657)

Title: Clarity
Fandom: Stargate SG1
AU: Night Mirror
Rating: PG13
Characters: Sam Carter (canon), Sam Carter/Jolinar (NM), Paul Davis (NM), Martouf/Lantsh (NM), Baal (NM)
Word Count: 702

You would make a formidible System Lord )

Prompt: Life (#328/657)

Title: Satisfaction
Fandom: Stargate SG1
AU: Night Mirror
Rating: PG13
Characters: Sam Carter (canon), Sam Carter/Jolinar (NM), Martouf/Lantash (NM), Janet Fraiser (NM)
Word Count: 594

Selmak will do the rest. )

Prompt: Optimistic (#403/657)

Title: What Is Lost
Fandom: Stargate SG1
AU: Night Mirror
Rating: PG13
Characters: Jack O'Neill (canon), Jack O'Neill (NM), Charlie O'Neill (NM)
Word Count: 682

It's not that, dad. )

The Healer

Jul. 27th, 2007 03:39 pm
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Title: The Healer
Fandoms: Harry Potter and Stargate: SG1

Status: In progress

Genre: Drama
Rating: PG13

Wallpapers: On Darth Duckie Nest

Prologue )
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