Jan. 27th, 2016

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A shorter bit this time, but going forward. Posting this mostly because it has a point to end at and I want to poke at the new plot bunny a bit.

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Padmé is asleep again before Master Windu returns, and Anakin is once again holding Leia, pacing around the edge of the room to help her sleep and to let him think. He looks over at the sound of the door opening, and smiles at Master Windu, though his smile fades into puzzlement when he sees others following - and neither of the others with Master Windu are Zett.

He sends a wordless queary down the training bond, and gets back a sense of sleepiness, and the contentment of someone warm and well-fed. Late, then, likely, and Zett heading for a bunk that Anakin assumes is safe for the moment.

"Master Windu. Your Highness." He pauses, glancing down at the third, a Jedi he remembers only as a favored guest of Qui-Gon. "Master Yoda."

Yoda watches him for a long moment before harumphing, and turning away to thump over to the chair, which has been left unoccupied for him. Anakin frowns a moment, before shaking his head, and resuming his circuit of the room. Whatever Yoda intends to say, he can do so while Anakin is walking.

"Darkness there is about you, Skywalker."

"The Force there is about me, Master Yoda." Anakin rubs a hand in soothing circles on Leia's back when she shifts, encouraging her to just rest some more, sleep and grow. "You can't see very well what's in the shadows if you never step out of the light."

"Hmph. The Dark Side, always hard to see, it has been." Yoda meets his glare with an expression Anakin can't read, and without leaking anything into the Force other than a deep weariness. "Trust it, we cannot."

"Trust me, you have to." Anakin veers away from Yoda, pacing between the beds instead of around the edge of the room. "I'm not going anywhere until Padmé's ready to leave, and then I go where she goes unless she asks me not to."

"And go where, will you? To the Sith?" Yoda is watching Leia more than Anakin, and Anakin stills his hand and his pacing, half-turning to keep himself more between Leia and Yoda than not.

"Sidious is not my friend, nor is Vader. Even if Padmé asks me where to go, I wouldn't go to them." Anakin glares at Master Windu, wondering why he's brought the little green troll here.

Master Windu shakes his head, shifting to put a tiny fraction more space between himself and Yoda. This is not his idea, and perhaps he is not as in agreement with Yoda as he might appear. Anakin hopes he isn't.

"Attract their attention, you will, even if go to them, you do not." Yoda glances at Luke, then Leia again, before meeting Anakin's gaze. "The children, they must not find."

"And any decision made about them is not your concern." Anakin takes a half-step back, bumping the bed Padmé is sleeping on as he sends a quiet nudge down the bond with her. "They are Padmé's children, and you will not take them from her."


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