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"I told Padawan Jukassa to get some sleep on board the Senator's ship. Easier if you don't have to wake him up in order to leave." Master Windu breaks the silence first, and moves to sit in the seat Yoda had occupied a few minutes ago. "Something I would recommend if you're able to, Senator Amidala."

"Please, call me Padmé." Padmé smiles briefly, before looking down at Luke in her lap, tracing his face lightly with her fingers. "We've been here long enough that I don't know where to go. I don't know enough about what's happened while we've been out of touch with the rest of the galaxy."

"If they think you're dead?"

"I've been in the public eye for much of the war, Master Windu." Padmé looks up again, a small smile crossing her face. "A week without anything at all will have people concerned for me. I want to know what they think happened before I simply show up somewhere in public."

"If I'm to call you Padmé, Senator, please call me Mace." It's a mutual courtesy, and Anakin is glad Master Windu is willing to extend it to Padmé. "You both should. It will be easier to avoid using potentially dangerous titles or names in public if we do not do so in private."

"Of course, Mace." Padmé looks up at Anakin, and he nods in response to the unspoken question, feeling her curiosity down the bond. He will try to remember to call Master Windu Mace in public and private, though it feels strange to do so with someone who he has barely known for long at all.

"Once we're away from Polis Massa, it should be easier to get information." Master Windu leans forward enough to rest his elbows on his knees, lacing flesh and cybernetic fingers together. "I still think we should have a plan for where we are going before we leave. Better to have to change it later than take time to think about it if someone starts firing on us."

And they can't trust either side of the war not to do so. Anakin shifts, hitching Leia a little higher against his shoulder, trying to think of anywhere he'd remembered as neutral from home, though nowhere comes to mind very well. Belkadan, but that's far from anywhere, and on the far side of the galaxy, besides. Not exactly a place easy to reach without being caught somewhere.

"Naboo, if we can. The Queen will help us, and there are places that are secluded enough no one would look for us there." Padmé picks Luke up, glancing at Anakin a moment as she settles Luke against her shoulder, one arm under him to hold him as she uses the other to help her shift her weight. "If Naboo isn't safe, Tatooine."

Her voice catches a bit as she says that, and Anakin feels a mix of worn grief and fresh pain surge down the bond. He'll have to ask what the grief comes from - it feels too worn to be about Vader - later. The pain, at least the physical, is more concern at the moment. "Careful."

"I'm fine, Anakin." Padmé smiles at him a moment, though Anakin doesn't think she's fine. The pain is still echoing at him, though she seems determined to ignore it. "I need to get up. We can talk about where we're going as we walk back to the ship."

That catches the attention of the medical droids, who'd been hovering at a distance, and now they float closer, one of them braver than the rest voicing concern about Padmé trying to walk that far when she still needs to heal further from childbirth. There is only so much they can do to speed the process.

"Bring me a hoverchair if you insist I shouldn't walk." Padmé glares at the medical droid, and Anakin turns his head so she can't see his grin. "And if they can't bring me a chair, Mace can carry Leia and Luke, and you can carry me."

Anakin blinks, not quite certain what to do with the idea of carrying Padmé - someone he's never thought of as needing any assistance, at least not from him - to the ship. He's glad when the droids are able to bring a hoverchair, and he helps Padmé settle in it with Luke.

Master Windu walks in front of them, making sure they get to the ship safely, and he takes Leia from Anakin once they're on board, so Anakin can make sure the hoverchair is placed out of the way, and close up the ramp behind them. The sooner they're away, the better.


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