Apr. 16th, 2017 10:07 pm
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Today's research fun was the architecture of English cathedrals in the 15th century. Or just, you know, anything pre-Reformation. Which resulted in eight tabs, and about a dozen different wikipedia articles to start from (because I just need to know where things are, I don't need to cite exact sources and show my work in this case). I might poke at it more later, but I have what I needed for the scene, even if it was frustrating to find the information I needed.

So, have gotten the funeral procession in the AU of an AU to St. Paul's (Old St. Paul's, not the current building), and next I get them to Westminster, and bury Robert next to his infant brother in the cathedral there.

I have it in my head that in the original AU, Henry, Blanche, and their two sons who died young - Thomas (less than a year) and James (five) - are buried in a chapel together. The other six are buried in various other places - Robert with Catherine in Westminster, Margaret with Owen and her second husband (currently undecided as to location, needs research), Edward with his wife in Lancaster, Joan with her husband wherever her husband is and whoever I chose for her, Richard with his wife somewhere to be determined, and Elizabeth in the convent she was abbess of.

So of course in the AU of the AU, Robert joins Thomas in that chapel in which Henry and Blanche will later be buried. And, if I keep the later siblings and their living and dying, also James in 1422.

I'm also contemplating not having Henry die in 1422 in this particular variation of the AU, in part because Margaret's already going to have trouble from some people because of her gender, and being only 14 in 1422 would make it even harder for her. Although a 14 year old Queen Margaret would be interesting. Because she would take no shit. However, a queen in the middle of puberty... no, I'm really not sure I want to go there.

Anyway. Onward to burying Robert and the aftermath in which Henry makes Margaret Prince of Wales (Princess of Wales, I suppose, but I'm very tempted for the conversation to result in Margaret, despite being female, being still named Prince of Wales, because she is unequivocally her father's heir, and her new title reflects that). And Bedford hopes that his niece survives this, Thomas Beaufort (Exeter) does his best to make sure she will be as good a warrior as any man who might face her on a battlefield, and Margaret throws herself into the challenge of being the heir to a country that isn't sure a woman is capable of ruling with all the enthusiasm and determination she has.
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Anonymous asked:

Is Chorus and Solo still in progress? I enjoyed it greatly and would like to see more, please.

I answered:

It is still in progress. :)

Like every other AU I have, it goes through cycles of writing and not writing, and it is currently not at the top of the pile of things to write. There will be more of it when it comes back around.

And there’s also the fact I go through cycles of writing lots and writing only a little, and it’s currently at a low ebb - writing will probably pick up again more in late August/early September, with more new stuff to snippet for daily stuff, and that high will last through late November, with December-late February/early March being another slow time, and mid-March to mid-May being another high point.


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