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I am a cranky person late at night, with loud opinions

Let me give you some help with how to find fics that are tagged with things you’re not looking for, and maybe avoid trying to tell people not to include more than one relationship tag because you don’t like it when people tag more than one relationship in the appropriate field.

There’s this sidebar:

You’ll notice there’s a lot of ways to sort.

You want that field labeled “Search within results”.

Going to use a fandom I’m familiar with and have to regularly filter to find what I want for this example: Hobbit.

If I want gen fic, and no romantic or sexual relationships, this is what goes in that field:

-F/M -F/F -M/M

Most of the time this weeds out a majority of fics with romantic or sexual relationships.

Say I do want something with a particular romantic or sexual relationship, but not others.

Say I look for Fíli/Ori, but there’s a fuck ton of fics with Bilbo/Thorin also being a relationship in fics which have Fíli/Ori (and it doesn’t matter which is primary or background in this case), and I really don’t want to read more of those right now.

Into that field:

-”Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield” -Bilbo/Thorin -”Bilbo Baggins/Thorin” -Thorin/Bilbo -”Thorin/Bilbo Baggins” -”Thorin Oakenshield/Bilbo Baggins”

Voila! Eliminates most of what I don’t want to see. (Granted, I probably don’t have to put all that in, just -Bilbo/Thorin, but I like to be thorough.)


All this without trying to tell an author that they should not tag more than one relationship - the “primary” relationship, as if there must be only one - in a fic.

Which this author, who writes fics with more than one relationship, some of which are important background for the fic, because they inform the current mess, and puts relationship tags in the field designated for them, is currently rather cranky about.

And if that means you don’t want to read what I write because I’m not catering to how you want tags to be, fine. I’m not writing to cater to those who do not want to learn how to police their own experience, and expect others to do so for them.

So long as people tag, then finding what you want is on you, not the author. There are tools to help you narrow the field you have to winnow through. Use them instead of scolding the authors.

And honestly? I’d rather new authors be comfortable tagging their fic in a way that allows them to organize their fic than to be constantly worried that someone is going to jump down their throat for daring to tag a secondary relationship in the relationship field. And if an author is happier tagging secondary relationships in the additional tags field than in the relationship field, than that is their call, and I applaud them for doing what makes them comfortable.

Just don’t tell people they have to tag this way because this is how you want it so your experience is easier, no matter what extra burden it might place on someone else who is doing this for fun and for free.

And now, I’m going to step off this soap box and go to bed.
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