Jan. 1st, 2016

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Shall be going back through everything and adding navigation links for these segments, since until I get through the entire first story, I'm not going back to edit, which means it's not getting posted to AO3 yet.

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Zett nods again, and shifts a little closer, though he doesn't let go of Anakin's hand yet. Practicing, and keeping the thread of bond open so his efforts are visible to Anakin. For any corrections that he might give, Anakin suspects, though he notices nothing that needs correction, just refining, and that takes practice more than instruction.

"What else did you learn from the Sith?" Master Windu is watching Anakin now, his own shielding still keeping all but a tenuous wisp of something hidden in the Force.

"What sort of things do you want to know about?" Anakin doesn't know where to start without knowing what Master Windu is looking for. Certainly not when he has a good idea what the Jedi would think of some of those techniques.

"Why were you learning from the Sith in the first place. You said Kenobi was there, as well. Why wasn't he your Master alone?"

Anakin lets out a huff of laughter, shaking his head. "You'd have to ask them why. They never liked each other, so I don't know why Obi-Wan bothered to break Maul out of the Temple in the first place." He knows what they had told him, but that's not something that he wants to share with Master Windu, not now.

"He was captured, rather than killed?" Master Windu frowns, as if he's wondering how that happened. It's hard to be certain without a Force-presence to listen to.

"Obi-Wan cut his saber-staff in half, and it's hard to defend against two Jedi, one of which is the best duelist of his generation, with only one blade." Anakin shrugs. "Maul is good, but he can't work miracles. Even with the choice of ground to fight on."

He'd only seen the flashes of red and green and blue as the fighter he'd been in had continued its auto-piloted exit from the hanger to join the rest of the ships in battle above Naboo, but he'd heard the story more than once since. The only thing he'd wondered since is why Maul hadn't betrayed Sidious when Sidious had abandoned him to whatever fate the Jedi decreed for him. Perhaps he'd seen the alliance with Obi-Wan and training of Anakin as betrayal enough.

"And Kenobi later released him from custody." Master Windu shakes his head. "I can't see him doing that."

Anakin shrugs, not wanting to touch that. Perhaps Obi-Wan here, grieving the loss of Qui-Gon, might have chosen to kill Maul, but he has as hard a time envisioning that as Master Windu apparently has at seeing Obi-Wan being willing to work with Maul.

Master Windu doesn't ask another question right away, and when he does speak, it's only to tell Anakin that perhaps he ought to see where they're going while he and Zett continue to practice the shielding technique he's demonstrated.

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