Jan. 3rd, 2016

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Another snippet not actually in the main story (or at least not yet. It's possible it might make it into the main story, though). Vinris has no fucks to give about Qui-Gon's wallowing.

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"Take Obi-Wan as your Padawan, and I'll suggest to the Council you need a working partner to help spread the strain of a new Padawan." Vinris crosses her arms as she gives Qui-Gon a flat stare.

"Why not just have that other theoretical Knight - or Master - take Obi-Wan as Padawan themself?" Qui-Gon echoes her position, glaring back. "I don't want a Padawan, Master Rish."

"Don't you 'Master Rish' me. I can still chase you around a salle with a lightsaber." Vinris snorts. "If I could have two Padawans, I would train him myself, but the Council rather frowns on that. Obi-Wan has too much potential to let that go to waste."

"Bully someone else into it. You still have a former Padawan who hasn't taken one of his own."

"No." Vinris reaches out with the Force to grab Qui-Gon's ear when he turns to leave. "You were called back to the Temple because you've spent entirely too much time wallowing. Your age-mates are worried, even Yoda is concerned, and you know how much it can take for the old troll to admit to being anything but serene."

"I'm not taking another Padawan."

Vinris tightens her grip, drawing a pained scowl from Qui-Gon. "Stop being an ass, and get out of your own head. One Fallen student is not the end of the world or a declaration of your utter failure as a teacher. Learn from your mistakes instead of wallowing in your past. Let. It. Go."


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