Jan. 25th, 2016

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Tiny!Leia and tiny!Luke are adorable and will get pronouns later. And this part brings the story past 16K. *wiggles around happily*

"Here." Master Windu comes around the bed, and holds out the baby he'd been feeding to Anakin. "This one screams when set down."

Anakin stares at the baby for a long moment, not reaching out until Master Windu goes to set them in his lap. "How...?"

Master Windu helps Anakin arrange the baby, and an extra towel one of the medical droids brings over, settling them against Anakin's shoulder. And then walks out of the room saying something about getting some sleep, and leaves Anakin with the babies and Padmé and the quartet of medical droids.

Resting the hand not under the baby on their back, Anakin looks down at the pale fabric that is all he can see of them at the moment, a small smile curving his lips. There's a whisper in the back of his mind that this little one is his, even though the twins were fathered by Vader. That even if he could find a way home, he should stay and help bring this little one, and the other, up.

"Anakin?" Padmé's voice is quiet and tired, and draws Anakin's attention to her. She's watching the baby he's holding, a small furrow of confusion between her brows. "The baby?"

"Babies." Anakin nods to the bundle resting on her chest, and Padmé brings her hands up to shift the baby, looking down at the scrunched up face. Stroking the baby's cheek with one fingertip. "They're no more than a week old, from what Master Windu told me."

"They were born three days ago." The medical droids are converging on Padmé's bed, and one of them provides the information Anakin couldn't. "You did not regain consciousness during labor as expected."

"I might have caused that." Anakin smiles apologetically at Padmé when she frowns at him, confusion coming down the newly anchored bond without any sort of clear direction to it. "I don't know how or who did it, but someone broke a bond you had, and if I didn't do something, it would have killed you. I didn't know it would take so long."

"And that meant I wasn't awake while my babies were born." Padmé looks back down at the one resting on her chest, wrapping her arms around the baby to better support them. "They are mine?"

"Yes." Anakin is certain of it, even though he'd been no more awake at the time than Pamdé. He rubs the back of the baby he's holding. "Both of them. They don't have names yet; Master Windu said they were waiting for you to name them."

Padmé is silent for a long moment, just looking down at the baby she's holding. "Luke and Leia. Anakin always told me that whatever I named the baby would be wonderful."

Anakin slides off the bed he's on, and takes the half-step to lean against Padmé's, looking down at the baby she's holding. "Which one is which?"

Letting out a quiet laugh that holds less amusement than incipient panic, Padmé shakes her head. "I don't know. I don't know them. They're mine and I don't know them."

The fear is creeping along the bond, and Anakin takes a deep breath, sending back reassurance. Padmé looks up sharply, her eyes widening a moment before she smiles, the expression a little wobbily. "What did you do with the bond?"

"I gave it a new anchor point." Anakin shifts his grip on the baby he's holding so he can reach down with his other hand to tuck a whisp of blond hair back into the blanket wrapped around the other. "I'm sorry I didn't give you a chance to say yes or no. If you want, I can probably sever it again, more cleanly, so it wouldn't kill you."

"Let me think about it." Padmé draws a deep breath, her gaze sliding from his face to the baby resting against his shoulder. "Let me see. I need to see them both."


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