Jan. 5th, 2016

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They're silent passengers pressing themselves into the smallest nooks of the shuttle, watching him with frightened eyes. Alive, because he can't believe these younglings are complicit in the conspiracy of the Jedi. Too young yet to have been intiated into it, though they believe the lies they were raised with. Lies he had tried to hard to believe himself.

He hadn't been able to save all of them. Too many were being herded toward other places, to be raised in the evil the Jedi had become steeped in, and the 501st shot to kill. These are all he has, a dozen small younglings, most human, and he will undo the harm the Jedi have done. Somehow.

First, though, he needs to destroy the Separatists, and he needs to find a place to keep the yonglings that neither the Jedi nor Palpatine will look for them. The Jedi may be evil, but he doesn't think Palpatine is truly much better, else he'd already have told Anakin how to save Padmé. No. The younglings must be kept safe from everyone.

"You will stay with the shuttle when we land." He doesn't look away from the view port as he speaks, knowing they'll hear him. "When I have finished my work, I will take you where you will be safe, and you will stay there until I return."

"Yes, Master Skywalker." That's the boy who'd been the bravest when he found them. Asking him what they were to do, when there were so many. The others followed his lead, and will follow it now. It will have to be enough.

Once the last Nemoidian falls under his blade, he is supposed to await further orders from Palpatine, but he can't wait here, not with the younglings in the shuttle - and especially not when he's used a shuttle rather than his fighter. He'll have to find somewhere close to keep them, for now, until he can return to Padmé, and then he will return to take the younglings where he can keep them safe and free of the lies they would have become enmeshed in.

Rutan isn't too distant, and it hadn't been involved in the war, so there wouldn't be any clone troopers there who might not know that the younglings were to be left alive. He doesn't trust any of the inhabitants to leave the younglings alone, either, and it takes a while to find a remote structure, the ruined nature of part of it suggesting it's been abandoned for a long while.

"Here." He holds out his hand to the boy, whose name he'll have to ask later. "You'll be safe here. Stay together, and stay here. I'll come back for you as soon as I can."

He'll leave what supplies the shuttle has, though it means he'll need to return within a couple days. He should have seen what supplies the Separatists had on Mustafar, and brought those for the younglings as well. Too late now. Perhaps after Palpatine has contacted him. And he'll have to find a way to bring more supplies from elsewhere for when those will run out.

When he returns to Coruscant, maybe. If he tells Padmé, she'll be able to secure supplies, and then he can make sure of some of his men while she does that, and send them on a covert mission. No armor, though. He can't have the younglings mistaking his men for clones intending to kill them, and do something foolish.

"What if you don't come back, Master Skywalker?" The others have already hidden themselves in the ruins when he comes back with the meager supplies from the shuttle. "What will happen to us then?"

"If I don't come back, I will send men I trust to keep you safe and take care of you." Anyone else shouldn't be able to find the younglings, so they shouldn't have to worry about strangers. They'll have to trust his men sooner or later, anyway. "They'll have blue armbands on both arms, so you can recognize them as safe." That won't be difficult to make, and he can figure out something else later, when things settle a little with the new peace.

The boy nods, staying with him while Anakin carries the supplies into the ruins themselves, and watching while he leaves. He'll have to see about training the boy to be in charge of the others, so they have someone to look to when he can't be there, and he can't have his men missing.

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