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Jul. 21st, 2016 12:14 pm
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Extra - For Science 2 - Queen_Kit

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So this didn’t exactly go how I originally tended, but that’s thanks to @morgynleri a bit and it makes it better because there are some more little stories instead of trying to summarize it all.

So have a rough timeline on Numeric Batch clones and Kaminoans being scientific…
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The trouble is that people don’t always agree.

Well then they should be made too.

By who? who’s going to make them?

I don’t know. Someone.


Of course not me.  Someone wise.

[ profile] fialleril:

what’s funny is that his fascist tendencies are also his jedi tendencies

who has had the same wise leader for the last eight hundred years with no elections or questions asked?

oh right the jedi order

[ profile] fialleril:

#also who taught him that the senate would be completely paralyzed #and that the Republic all the slaves used to whisper of in wonder #would effectively throw an entire PLANET to the wolves #‘sorry these procedures take time we know your people are being killed #but there’s not much we can do sorry’ #who showed him that it wasn’t the senate or voting that saved the day on Naboo #but rather DIRECT MILITARY INTERVENTION #whoops it was Padme and the Jedi! #no wonder the kid’s view of politics is so warped! (via @rhodanum)


I have somehow never put that together before but holy shit you’re right. It’s not just the Jedi structure and worldview. It’s Padme herself.

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Jul. 20th, 2016 09:14 pm
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okay times are Trying at the moment and I could use a stress detox, so who wants to talk about Padmé and Anakin unexpectedly switching bodies because the Force? you? me? everyone? AWESOME, let’s go: 

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Jul. 20th, 2016 07:03 pm
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So I was talking with @norcumi last night for the first time on skype, and my brain ran away with me. Pertinent music:

Thus proving that the fastest way to get me to write is to egg me on with loud flaily noises. 

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Older snippet, because I still haven’t gotten more written.

Padmé closes the eyes of the Bith who’d murdered their shared Master, studying him for a long moment. He’d never expected a tiny slip of a human to challenge him, much less be an actual danger to his life, the more fool he. As far as she could tell, he didn’t think of the Force as anything more than a source of power to be manipulated, either.

Stepping away, she narrows her eyes a moment before unleashing fire to consume the body - and the building as she walks away - and leave nothing of Tenebrous but ash floating on the wind of a desolate planet. This is not his stage upon which to act, and she will not have a rival for her control of the Sith, and ultimately, the galaxy.

Tilting her face into the wind outside a moment, she smiles, a small curve of the lips, and tugs the hood of her robe up to hide her face. Now, all she needs is a proper set of tools, and a place to build upon the plans she and her Master had made to bring the destruction of the Jedi, and the fall of the Republic they loved and served.

The ten-year-old girl meets Padmé’s eyes fearlessly, tilting her chin up as Padmé studies her. The body is very nearly perfect, an echo of the first body she’d called her own, the one she’d been born in, and trained in under her Master. Better than the aging male she appears to be, the nominal grandfather of this small child.

“You will do, child.” She rests a hand on the girl’s head for a long moment, forging the bond she needs to accomplish her desired goal. The girl will be sacrificed, but Padmé will live and continue to seek the goal she has her entire life. And her plans need a new face - her tools are suitably enthralled, and her apprentice is in position to further her plans. He, she worries about, ambitious as he is, but she has not taught him all her secrets, nor plans ever to.

The family of young Padmé Naberrie thinks her silence and her paleness a reaction to seeing her grandfather die, and though they will encourage her soon enough to take an interest in the world once more, she will never be the same again. Everyone thinks the same thing, and in the privacy of her mind, Padmé smiles with amusement.
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None of the WIPs was working today, including the two prompts I still am working on filling. But I wanted to write something, and... well, this is what came out. Thank you to [Bad username or unknown identity: lferion​] for cheerleading and for the inspiration for the AU in #4.

on tumblr

Five First Meetings - Finis Valorum & Qui-Gon Jinn

AU: A Wealth of Shadows, Last Stand of Valor, We Are Defiance, AU NOS, and Emperor Dooku
Word Count: 2000
Characters: Qui-Gon Jinn, Finis Valorum, Magistar Aridi Karrel, Ruzalk, Dooku, unnamed Senator, Chakel
Timeframe: All of these are when Qui-Gon is 17-25, and Finis of similar age.

A Wealth of Shadows

"And this is Senator Valorum. A promising young man, much like yourself, Knight Jinn."

Qui-Gon keeps a smile on his face from practice under Dooku's watchful eye, though he's increasingly disgruntled by being at this gala. If he weren't certain this was where they needed to be, he'd have suggested to Ruzalk they leave at least an hour ago.

"Knight Jinn." Valorum gives him a practiced politician's smile, bowing slightly in greeting. He turns his head to their host. "Thank you, Magistar, for the introduction."

"Oh, it is nothing." Magistar Karrel smiles brightly and with all the sincerity she's had all night behind it. Qui-Gon isn't certain how she manages to be so enthusiastic after so many hours of absolutely stultifying conversation and constant flitting around to make sure of her guests. "I just think you two will get along splendidly."

Qui-Gon raises an eyebrow, but Magistar Karrel just winks at him before bustling off in a whirl of silks and perfume, already focusing on someone else with a cheerful call of greeting.

"Has she been like that all evening?" Valorum draws Qui-Gon's attention back to him, and the Senator smiles, this time a little more genuinely.

"It is apparently a gift of hers." Qui-Gon shakes his head, a rueful smile on his face. "I'm sorry, I was rude earlier."

"If you've been here for longer than I have, I can't blame you." Valorum keeps a polite smile on his face, but his voice is low, and there's an undercurrent of bored frustration in the Force when Qui-Gon reaches out to sense what the Senator is feeling. Well camoflagued, but still present.

"I believe there's a garden, though I don't know how interesting it is at this time of night."

Valorum chuckles, tilting his head for Qui-Gon to lead the way. "Mostly interesting to those seeking assignations, I'd expect. It could be entertaining to find out who is meeting with who."

Entertaining, and useful. Qui-Gon sends a queary along the bond he's built with Ruzalk, getting back lazy amusement tinged with curiosity. He lets her see his thoughts, the idea that it might be welcome for her to join them, if she wants. He gets back laughter and indulgence, and a sincere lack of desire to interrupt his fun.

Grinning, Qui-Gon leads Valorum out into the gardens, and murmurs to the Senator where to find the first couple to interrupt.

Last Stand of Valor

"Hello, gorgeous."

Qui-Gon blinks at the tall young woman who has attatched herself to his side and grabbed one of his arms to wrap it around her waist. She's very pretty, but he hadn't intended to make any assignations while he was here, and especially not when his Master is somewhere else on the planet waiting for him to do the investigation he can do that Dooku couldn't without looking desperately out of place.

"Just pretend for a little while that you know me. Very well." She smiles up at him, leaning in to kiss him soundly on the lips, and lingers close. "I am going to throttle an idiot if I don't have a distraction, and a Jedi makes for a very safe distraction."

"What makes you think I'm a Jedi?" Qui-Gon keeps his voice as low as possible, though that's barely less than a shout in the noise of the club. He will be very glad to get out of here.

"Even in civvies, you Jedi have this... something." She shrugs, resting her head on his shoulder, and tracing his lips with one finger. It lets her get close enough to his ear that she's not actually shouting.

Qui-Gon leans in to press a quick kiss next to her ear. "I don't even know your name."

"Finis Valorum. Senator's aide, currently wishing my Senator didn't have a taste for loud clubs and pretty young women, preferably those who don't have much choice in letting him paw over them if they want a career in politics." The woman's mouth twists in a wry smile. "As I said, an idiot in need of throttling."

He blinks, and tightens his arm around Valorum's waist. "Qui-Gon Jinn. Your Senator wouldn't happen to be the current one from Lytton Sector?"

"Now how would you guess that?" Valorum nips at his earlobe, and he can feel her vibrating with amusement under his hand. "Let's get out of here. Somewhere quieter, more private."

Qui-Gon doesn't need much encouragement, and he pulls Valorum with him, grinning and giggling, to the exit. The street immediately outside isn't much quieter than inside, but it's not far to a hovercar, and the waiting frown of his Master.

"Finis Valorum, Master Dooku. Master, this is Finis Valorum, senator's aide for the Lytton sector." Qui-Gon slides into the back, drawing Finis with him. "I think you should listen to her."

We Are Defiance

He knows what rises around him, in a deep and rich lapis streaked with silver that creates the impression of great wings and a bird that he remembers in tales from his youth. He never expects to see anything around anyone else, and to see some antlered beast in dappled greens and bronze surrounding a Jedi, of all people... well. Never let it be said Finis Valorum doesn't know when to take a hint.

"Finis Valorum, Senator for the Lytton Sector." He introduces himself as soon as it seems polite to do so, giving the Jedi a smile that's several shades warmer than the politician's smile he gives everyone else.

"Qui-Gon Jinn, Jedi Knight." Qui-Gon is watching him with a curious expression, and Finis glances up slightly, as if to meet the gaze of the creature that surrounds the Jedi. It makes Qui-Gon raise his eyebrows, and smile.

Finis tilts his head to the side, and lets Qui-Gon lead the way to one of the alcoves that line the room for a little extra privacy.

"You can see it, can't you?" Qui-Gon isn't one for diplomatic subtlety, and Finis rather likes that. "No one should be able to."

"I've never seen one around anyone, and never expected to. A politician cannot afford to get close to many people, if they can afford to get close to anyone." He's always heard to see someone's soul is an indication they'll be the deepest love of a person's life, but he'd begun to doubt that when he was still little more than a youngling. "And the rumor is that no Jedi has one, because Jedi have no souls."

That he has never believed, though he's always been curious why that tale is told. Maybe to warn people away from Jedi, to keep them from hoping a Jedi will fall in love with them. At least at home. Here, who knows?

"A carefully cultivated belief." Qui-Gon looks a little uncomfortable saying those words, but whatever the cause, it doesn't stop him. "I've never known anyone outside the Jedi who could see what we hide."

"The will of the Force, perhaps?" Finis shrugs, smiling briefly. "What do the Jedi say about those who see the soul of a person?"

"Of those who aren't Jedi?" Qui-Gon echoes Finis's earlier gesture. "Nothing. Among the Jedi, only that there is a connection between those who see each other."


Qui-Gon has never been off his planet in his life, though there are plenty of chances to leave if he wanted to. He's never wanted to leave, never needed to leave. Now he's driven to leave, and he follows that push, taking passage to another world, one he doesn't recognize the name of. He doesn't need to know that, only needs to know what to do to fix what feels wrong.

Afterward, he's not terribly interested in staying and being cheered for doing what needed done, but the instincts he's trusted all his life say stay, so he does. Uncertain why he's to stay, but this is where he needs to be still, and he hopes it's worth the raucous celebrations that are very different from the quieter things at home.

When officials come from Coreward, he contemplates slipping away for only a moment, before he straightens, lifting his chin as they approach him and those with him.

"Finis Valorum, I was asked to come here to mediate a dispute." Valorum looks over the group Qui-Gon stands with, and a small, wry smile crosses his face. "I see I was mistaken?"

"We did ask for help from the Republic, but the Wizard came sooner." Chakel widens their eyes, their crest puffing up with pride. "There is no more need for a Republic negotiator. You are welcome the night, and to see what the Wizard has done, but you need not worry there shall be too much for you to accomplish."

"I am glad you were able to find assistance, and I apologize for not arriving sooner." Valorum bows his head, spreading his hands politely, before looking up again, studying Qui-Gon. "If it is not too much a burden, I would ask to learn how you managed what I was told would be a very difficult, if not impossible task."

Qui-Gon shrugs, a small smile quirking his lips at the feel of Valorum. He likes how this person feels. "I just did what needed to be done. Nothing more, nothing less."

Valorum smiles, amusement coloring his presence a bright and happy green. "Perhaps we can discuss what was the right thing over dinner, if that is acceptable to you?"

This, or something more, and Qui-Gon thinks he might enjoy whatever something more Valorum might have in mind. He tilts his head, beckoning Valorum to come with him. This should be fun.

Emperor Dooku

He is seventeen, and on his first mission alone while his Master takes personal time. Qui-Gon has no interest in what is probably happening, and he's glad there was something that shouldn't take more than one Senior Padawan. Even if this is making him quite certain he doesn't like politics, no matter how much playing them is important.

"It helps if you imagine them in someone else's robes." A young man - one of the Senators' aides, and Qui-Gon wishes he'd paid a little more attention to the names - has sidled up next to where he's hiding near the buffet table. "At least it's more amusing than listening to them pontificate on nothing."

Qui-Gon slides a look over at the young man, raising an eyebrow. "Aren't you going into politics as a career?"

"Yes." The young man shrugs, picking up a piece of fruit off the table, popping it into his mouth with a small grin. "It means I know what I'm talking about when I say they're pontificating on nothing. More than most politicians, at least the worst of them." He pauses, fishing a handkerchief out of a pocket to wipe his hands before offering one to Qui-Gon. "Finis Valorum."

"Qui-Gon Jinn." Qui-Gon takes the offered hand with a smile of his own. "Jedi Padawan."

"I know." Finis reaches out to gently tug at the end of Qui-Gon's braid. "I studied about the Jedi as well as about who's who in the Senate before I came to Coruscant."

Qui-Gon feels his cheeks heat, and Finis grins at him again, tugging the end of the braid once more.

"How much longer are you supposed to stand here and look decorative?" Finis glances out at the senators and aides and sychophants, drawing Qui-Gon's attention to them as well. They're not nearly so interesting as Finis.

"Until the end of the gala." Qui-Gon keeps from making a face, if only barely.

"I'll stay with you then." Finis grins again, taking a step closer to lean a shoulder against Qui-Gon's a moment. "Come to my place after?"

Qui-Gon blinks and thinks a moment before he nods. "Yes."

He doesn't make it back to the Temple before morning, but it's worth the frowns from some of the Council over his failing to make a report immediately after the Senatorial gala. He smiles to himself after he's shooed out of the Council chamber. Very worth it.
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This is the fault of this post I added to my plot bunny fodder tag, and this one just a moment ago does not help. I am not sure if this is supposed to be part of my Dark Lady Padmé AU, or if it’s something else.

Crossposted: tumblr

Warnings: implications of mind-wiping and summary execution.

cut because warnings )

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Jan. 16th, 2016 10:39 pm
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Prompts are taken from this list. Prompts are currently closed, though I may open them back up later.

[ profile] imjz - #1 "Are you drunk?"

Kix and Jesse (and Hardcase) is thats possible! (Alternately, Zeb and Kanan)

Untitled )

[ profile] hamelin-born - #13 "How can anyone not be afraid of love?"

Star Wars, TTMK, Obi-Wan Jr., any.

Word Count: 707
Characters: Obi-Wan Jr, with mentions of Padmé-Sister (clone), Darth Vader, Bariss Offee, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Rex, and the TTMK
Warnings: non-graphic child abuse and neglect

Love Is... )

[ profile] mirandatam - #15 "That was a perfect example of how not to do things."

Ahsoka meeting the TTMK

Untitled )

[ profile] tigerliliesandcherryblossoms - #24 "I will if you will."

Fili & Nori please. As bros or more than bros, either's fine so up to your Muse provided no one dies :)

Untitled )

[ profile] norcumi - #25 "My nightmares are usually about losing you."

Anakin, Obi-Wan, and any clones that might catch your interest, please!

Nightmares )

anonymous - #29 Prepare to be amazed.

a very hot night Anakin/Obi-Wan/Padme

Untitled )

[ profile] lynati - #46 "Shut up, I am a delight!"

Hermione Granger and mystery character of YOUR choice.

Untitled )
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And now I've got to figure out how this fight goes, because now the biggest reason I think Vaderkin is going to fight Obi-Wan is because he can't leave Obi-Wan on Mustafar with the shuttle he had been using, because he hasn't wiped the nav computer yet, and he can't have Obi-Wan finding the younglings.

Previous Part | Next Part

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The bit I wrote yesterday, and a new bit from today.

On tumblr: yesterday's, today's

They're silent passengers pressing themselves into the smallest nooks of the shuttle, watching him with frightened eyes. Alive, because he can't believe these younglings are complicit in the conspiracy of the Jedi. Too young yet to have been intiated into it, though they believe the lies they were raised with. Lies he had tried to hard to believe himself.

He hadn't been able to save all of them. Too many were being herded toward other places, to be raised in the evil the Jedi had become steeped in, and the 501st shot to kill. These are all he has, a dozen small younglings, most human, and he will undo the harm the Jedi have done. Somehow.

First, though, he needs to destroy the Separatists, and he needs to find a place to keep the yonglings that neither the Jedi nor Palpatine will look for them. The Jedi may be evil, but he doesn't think Palpatine is truly much better, else he'd already have told Anakin how to save Padmé. No. The younglings must be kept safe from everyone.

"You will stay with the shuttle when we land." He doesn't look away from the view port as he speaks, knowing they'll hear him. "When I have finished my work, I will take you where you will be safe, and you will stay there until I return."

"Yes, Master Skywalker." That's the boy who'd been the bravest when he found them. Asking him what they were to do, when there were so many. The others followed his lead, and will follow it now. It will have to be enough.

Once the last Nemoidian falls under his blade, he is supposed to await further orders from Palpatine, but he can't wait here, not with the younglings in the shuttle - and especially not when he's used a shuttle rather than his fighter. He'll have to find somewhere close to keep them, for now, until he can return to Padmé, and then he will return to take the younglings where he can keep them safe and free of the lies they would have become enmeshed in.

Rutan isn't too distant, and it hadn't been involved in the war, so there wouldn't be any clone troopers there who might not know that the younglings were to be left alive. He doesn't trust any of the inhabitants to leave the younglings alone, either, and it takes a while to find a remote structure, the ruined nature of part of it suggesting it's been abandoned for a long while.

"Here." He holds out his hand to the boy, whose name he'll have to ask later. "You'll be safe here. Stay together, and stay here. I'll come back for you as soon as I can."

He'll leave what supplies the shuttle has, though it means he'll need to return within a couple days. He should have seen what supplies the Separatists had on Mustafar, and brought those for the younglings as well. Too late now. Perhaps after Palpatine has contacted him. And he'll have to find a way to bring more supplies from elsewhere for when those will run out.

When he returns to Coruscant, maybe. If he tells Padmé, she'll be able to secure supplies, and then he can make sure of some of his men while she does that, and send them on a covert mission. No armor, though. He can't have the younglings mistaking his men for clones intending to kill them, and do something foolish.

"What if you don't come back, Master Skywalker?" The others have already hidden themselves in the ruins when he comes back with the meager supplies from the shuttle. "What will happen to us then?"

"If I don't come back, I will send men I trust to keep you safe and take care of you." Anyone else shouldn't be able to find the younglings, so they shouldn't have to worry about strangers. They'll have to trust his men sooner or later, anyway. "They'll have blue armbands on both arms, so you can recognize them as safe." That won't be difficult to make, and he can figure out something else later, when things settle a little with the new peace.

The boy nods, staying with him while Anakin carries the supplies into the ruins themselves, and watching while he leaves. He'll have to see about training the boy to be in charge of the others, so they have someone to look to when he can't be there, and he can't have his men missing.

Next Part
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Non-spoilery reaction:

Fuck, damnit, I needed a warning about the flashing, migraine-trigger lights at the beginning.

I am not impressed with the movie, I am impressed by some of the characters involved.

Spoilers below the cut )
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*chases plot bunnies with a stick*

Did not need that parallel. Did not need it at all, fuckdamnit.

Yes, you smug shit, you may keep that plot bunny. It's still not funny.
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I am not going to have another AU, really. At least not one with lots of plot. I hope.

In other news, I have words today. Maul and Ahsoka trapped in a maze of repeated death, in which no one is allowed to stay dead, even if they want to. Because Sidious is a sadistic son of a bitch.
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Originally posted over on tumblr for the break time fic stuff, posting them here for a different audience. They may or may not go up on AO3 as they stand, and at least one of them is going to wait until after Hobbit Story Big Bang is over. I will post the first chapter of the third one in a separate post.

Into the Fire: Mahal and Artoo

Word Count: 206
Characters: Mahal and R2D2
Timeframe: about five years after TPM, and roughly four months since Obi-Wan went missing in this AU
Here on tumblr

One meddling Valar and one Force-sensitive astromech meet while the Jedi in the shuttle try to repair the navicomp. For the third time in as many days.


You are a fascinating little droid. Mahal crouches down in the tiny hold of the shuttle, next to the astromech droid that seems to be far more aware of him than droids ought to be. He’s never seen a droid that can perceive the Song before, though the astromech doesn’t seem to be capable of creating its own melodies. What’s your name, little one?

It chirps and blats at him, the name both a numerical designation and something more. Certainly the little astromech doesn’t seem bothered that it has more than one designation. As well, it seems curious about him, about what it hasn’t picked up from its scans - and unconscious perception of Song.

Some call me Aüle, others call me Mahal. I prefer the latter, myself. It’s what my children call me.

He shifts, settling down to lean against the bulkhead, keeping half an ear out for the Jedi in the cockpit. The navicomp is fried beyond any hope of even Anakin repairing it, so there shouldn’t be any concern about them finding Arda, and snatching up Obi-Wan before he’s been a help to Thorin and his Company. Time enough to talk to Artoo, and find out what he can about the unusual little astromech.

Just Another Case

Word Count: 359
Characters: David Rossi, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Spencer Reid, some background clones and Plo
Here on tumblr, which has additional notes and plotting conversation.

The day - and the case - are getting weird enough that Rossi would very much like to just have a good glass of scotch. And it promises not to get any less weird.


The day is getting weirder by the minute, and Rossi is very nearly ready to find a stiff drink. It isn’t that the case is particularly gory or distressing, beyond the high body count, though that’s stressful enough on its own. It’s not even that they have strange witnesses or relatives or potential UNSUBs - well, so far they can’t pin down much of a profile on the UNSUB, and no one who’s witnessed any of the murders can agree on any of the details.

No, it’s the group that he’d love to dismiss as cosplayers in very good Star Wars clone trooper and Jedi costumes. That aren’t. Because he’d caught a glimpse of an actual, lit lightsaber, and the alien - Reid and Garcia are going to keep him awake gabbing about it on the plane home - is certainly not a human in makeup and prosthetics unless someone has gotten their hands on the original costumes from the movies and haven’t enshrined them.

"And you’re certain our UNSUB is some shapeshifting spree killer from Arrakis?" Rossi looks over the small group again, raising an eyebrow at the Jedi who seems to be in charge of the group.

"Aargonar, actually." Obi-Wan is barely hiding a smirk, and Rossi resists the urge to answer with one of his own. He’d always liked the snarky, arrogant bastard in the movies, especially the newer ones. "A Clawdite assassin, though we’re still not quite certain who they were hired to kill, since this clearly isn’t a planet involved in the current conflict."

"The UNSUB wouldn’t be from Arrakis - they’re too wasteful of resources to be a Fremin. They’d have been far more likely to come from Geidi Prime, if they were from that particular universe in the first place." Reid smiles cheerfully when Rossi gives him a long look.

"Of course they would." Rossi sighs, shaking his head a moment. "So, why are you chasing this shapeshifting assassin, again?" He pauses, glancing at the rest. "And why don’t you introduce your friends, while you’re at it."

Obi-Wan chuckles, and tilts his head, before launching into the explanation and introductions Rossi had asked for.


Dec. 14th, 2014 12:10 am
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Yet more of Anakin from As It All Burns in a canon-verse-AU. Because universe hopping after killing Sith means he has to kill Sidious again, and he is actually a little more concerned with other things at the moment. He'll go kill Sidious again later.

Followed up with another bitty snippet of canon-AU Obi-Wan in the As It All Burns AU.

Bail Organa is mostly there to provide a rescue, since he was there in canon. If I ever decide I want to post this to AO3, there will be much watching of stuff for characterization checking.

First Part | Previous Part | Next Part

A Padawan is leading several younglings out of one of the lower entrances when they arrive, and Anakin doesn't even stop to think, just asks how many are still inside. The girl smiles at him, her expression both frightened and relieved as she looks between him and the Jedi with him. Whatever is happening, the Temple is no longer the sanctuary Anakin had hoped for.

"I don't know. Master Ti told me to keep these younglings together and get them out." Her voice is shaking, and she is staring at the Jedi's missing hands. "Master Windu, what happened?"

"A Sith and a corrupted Jedi." Windu - Mace Windu, he must be, though Anakin hadn't met the Councilor of his own universe to be able to recognize him on sight - meets Anakin's gaze. "See who else is in there, Skywalker, and make sure anyone else you see gets out." He pauses, narrowing his eyes. "And please don't go looking for trouble."

"There's enough trouble that might come looking for me." Anakin shrugs, grinning a moment. "I'll do what I can, Master Windu. Don't wait for me here. I'll find you later."

How much he can do is the question, when he can feel the wash of death even here - not as concentrated in time, and easier to miss feeling when they happened, but an echo of pain and despair that weighs against him as he moves toward the upper levels. There are a few more Padawans with frightened younglings in tow, and he does what he can to calm them and make sure they know how to get out before he moves forward again.

Reaching the main entrance hall, Anakin stumbles, putting out one hand to catch himself against the wall. There are bodies - some are armored, with blasters still in hand, felled by reflected shots or lightsabers, others robed familiarly and riddled with blaster-shots - scattered all across the marble floor. Some of them still have Padawan braids or beads, and Anakin can feel his rage welling up at the senseless slaughter.

A sharp smile crosses his face as he lets himself feel, draws the Force closer as he takes a deep breath of air tainted with blood and smoke. Reaching one hand up to flip his hood over to hide his face, he steps over bodies as he picks his way deeper into the Temple. The Force is tugging him, jangling at his nerves with a swell of danger that pushes him in one direction. Toward one of the speeder bays, he thinks, and into an ambush of armored men who don't hesitate to open fire.

His saber gleams the same red as blaster bolts, reflecting them back toward the soldiers as he darts forward. There's a Padawan, a boy who is running for a speeder parked outside, and some of the soldiers are focused on him. Anakin shakes his head, reaching out one hand and the Force, shoving soldiers off-balance to spoil their aim.

It's the work of moments to destroy the squad, and the boy is staring at him as Anakin shuts his lightsaber off.

"Are you all right, Padawan?" He glances past the boy at the man standing next to the speeder, the face registering after a moment, though the Bail Organa of home has been dead for several months. It's good to see him alive here.

"I am." The boy sounds wary, watching him approach. "You're not a Jedi. You don't feel like one."

"I'm not. But I'm not your enemy, either." Anakin hangs his lightsaber from his belt, jerking his chin in the direction of the speeder. "I don't think it's going to be safe to stay here, Padawan. I think His Highness is waiting for us."

The boy watches him for a brief moment longer before turning, running and jumping into the speeder with Anakin only a stride behind him. Organa gives him a long look before shaking his head, and moving the speeder away from the platform.

"Are you the only survivors?"

"This high up in the Temple, yes." Anakin keeps his hood up, watching the traffic around them as they race away from the Temple. "Master Windu, some Padawans, and younglings are down at the lowest entrances, the ones that aren't on any public map of the Temple. Aren't even known to all the Jedi, according to Master Windu."

"Master Drallig didn't tell me about hidden entrances." The boy is fishing for information, Anakin thinks, as well as confirming his assertation. "How many got out?"

"I think a little over twenty. I wasn't really counting how many I ran into." Anakin watches their approach, and leans forward. "Taking us back to the Senate building or 500 Republica would a very bad idea, Your Highness. The Sith is there, and I'm afraid I left on very bad terms not more than a few hours ago."

"Do you have somewhere better?" Organa doesn't turn to look at him, though he does at least change direction. "I'd have to go back to 500 Republica to get to my ship."

"Take us down a few levels, I'll make sure the Padawan and I meet up with Master Windu. It might be hard to get off Coruscant, but it's not impossible. We'll manage."

"I can make sure you have credits to hire a ship, or buy one outright, if you need them." Organa doesn't sound like he is happy about it - and Anakin thinks the Aldaraanian is worried about them, but he's not as certain of that as he might be of Jedi who aren't trying to shield.

"That might be useful, but traceable. I have some talents, I promise we'll manage. And I will make sure they're safe. As many as I can."

"Guests?" Obi-Wan isn't sure he wants to know who else might be here, though unless his double has entirely lost his mind, he can hope it isn't another Sith.

"A few friends. My Master." His double shrugs, watching Maul as the Sith leaves the room. "Anakin should be here, but I've neither seen him nor sensed him in the Force since you dropped in - quite literally - on us."

There is an undercurrent of worry in his double's voice, and Obi-Wan has to admit he would be worried about Anakin going off on his own as well. "I assume he's no longer a Padawan?"

"He never really was, not properly." Obi-Wan's double watches him for a long moment. "He was my apprentice, and Maul's, for thirteen years. Ten of them spent here, the rest mostly either on Serenno with the Jedi, or on Naboo with my Master and with Commander Padmé."

Obi-Wan can't stop the snort of amusement that the news of Anakin being anywhere near Padmé brings. "That's not a surprise. Anakin - my former Padawan - is utterly in love with Senetor Amidala."

"Oh, he loves her, there's no doubt of that, but he thinks of her more like an older sister. I don't think he's in love with Commander Padmé." His double shakes his head. "Even if he were, it's not as if she'd leave Sabé's side for him."

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In which Obi-Wan would really like Thranduil to go away, and Valar are meddlesome, nosy beings. (And yes, awkward wording is awkward. Obi-Wan would like more vocabulary, please.)

Obi-Wan and Thranduil:

"Karazak." Obi-Wan knows it means nothing to Thranduil, and he pauses to drink before he adds, "It is like Arda, not on Arda."

"Again, you wish me to believe you come from the uttermost West?" Thranduil lets out a delicate snort, an amused smirk gracing his face after a moment.

"No. I have not been to that place." Obi-Wan sighs, leaning back in his chair, and reverting to Basic for a moment. "I didn't have a chance to see what the landmasses on this planet were before I landed, nor to check for other planets. The ship was too close to self-destructing."

Thranduil narrows his eyes a moment, before sighing, and setting his glass aside. "I will learn what you do not tell me."

"Some." Obi-Wan shrugs, smiling briefly. "I will not tell all of what I know." He will tell as little as he can, about some things.

Thranduil watches him for a long moment more, before he drains his wine glass, and stands. At least he doesn't make any cliched farewells, sweeping out silently instead, the door shutting lightly behind him.

Sagging back against his chair, Obi-Wan lets out a slow breath, feeling unexpectedly as if he's been running the obstacle course for hours, and glad for the chance to finish his dinner in peace.

Meddlesome Valar:

Are you meddling with my boy, sister? Irmo watches Obi-Wan over Nienna's shoulder, a quiet pride echoing through the Song.

He is only yours in that you have thought to watch him since he was a very small child. Nienna laughs softly. You and Estë both.

He dreams more clearly than half those meddlers. Irmo shrugs, tugging her away from Arda to the quiet of Lorien.

"You meddled first." Nienna sits on one of the benches, leaning back on her hands as she watches the stars. "Yavanna's boy should have died on Naboo, you know that."

"She's not the only one who likes him." Irmo sits on the ground, leaning against her legs, his head tilted back so he can watch her. "Estë didn't think it would hurt."

"Without Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan never would have come to Arda." Nienna looks down at her brother, raising an eyebrow. "Which while useful, wasn't supposed to happen."

Irmo grins, and shrugs. "And so it did not, in another melody. Does it matter that we have sung a different melody here than there?"
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Two months after arriving on Middle Earth:

Obi-Wan sighs, reaching for his glass again. "If I knew the words, I would tell you." For all the good it would do him, since he has no way of getting off this planet without a rescue. One which he's not sure if he should expect, since his mission had been confidential and he had made the blind jump through hyperspace.

"Yet you claim to come from no direction." Thranduil is watching him with narrowed eyes. "There is only beneath the earth or the stars, if you claim no place else, and none have come from the uttermost West in two Ages of Arda."

Watching the subtle gestures Thranduil makes as he speaks gives Obi-Wan some idea of the new words, and he smirks, taking another sip of his wine. "Well, I did not come from beneath the earth."

"You wish me to believe you came from the uttermost West?" Thranduil laughs, his smile sharp and dangerous. "You are neither Eldar nor Istari, and you have none of the grace or grandeur that the Valar are said to have."

"What are those? Eldar, Istari, and Valar? I have not heard of any of them."

The flat look that Thranduil gives him makes Obi-Wan smile again, setting his glass aside in favor of another bite of venison.

"I am of the Eldar, as are all my kin." Thranduil reaches for his own wine, sipping at it a moment. "The Istari have the seeming of men, but they wield more power than you, and have a life that is beyond the span a mortal's might reach."
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