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Older snippet, because I still haven’t gotten more written.

Padmé closes the eyes of the Bith who’d murdered their shared Master, studying him for a long moment. He’d never expected a tiny slip of a human to challenge him, much less be an actual danger to his life, the more fool he. As far as she could tell, he didn’t think of the Force as anything more than a source of power to be manipulated, either.

Stepping away, she narrows her eyes a moment before unleashing fire to consume the body - and the building as she walks away - and leave nothing of Tenebrous but ash floating on the wind of a desolate planet. This is not his stage upon which to act, and she will not have a rival for her control of the Sith, and ultimately, the galaxy.

Tilting her face into the wind outside a moment, she smiles, a small curve of the lips, and tugs the hood of her robe up to hide her face. Now, all she needs is a proper set of tools, and a place to build upon the plans she and her Master had made to bring the destruction of the Jedi, and the fall of the Republic they loved and served.

The ten-year-old girl meets Padmé’s eyes fearlessly, tilting her chin up as Padmé studies her. The body is very nearly perfect, an echo of the first body she’d called her own, the one she’d been born in, and trained in under her Master. Better than the aging male she appears to be, the nominal grandfather of this small child.

“You will do, child.” She rests a hand on the girl’s head for a long moment, forging the bond she needs to accomplish her desired goal. The girl will be sacrificed, but Padmé will live and continue to seek the goal she has her entire life. And her plans need a new face - her tools are suitably enthralled, and her apprentice is in position to further her plans. He, she worries about, ambitious as he is, but she has not taught him all her secrets, nor plans ever to.

The family of young Padmé Naberrie thinks her silence and her paleness a reaction to seeing her grandfather die, and though they will encourage her soon enough to take an interest in the world once more, she will never be the same again. Everyone thinks the same thing, and in the privacy of her mind, Padmé smiles with amusement.


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