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This is an old piece, and not going to be finished, nor posted to AO3, so. Have it in all it’s messy, unedited glory.


Fandoms: Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008), Supernatural
Word Count: 2345
Characters: Dean Winchester, Ahsoka Tano, Rex, Fives, Echo

The hole in the sky is massive, and Rex is starting to wonder if they’ll get this fixed without loosing troops, no matter how certain he is that the Jedi Generals will close it up. It’s almost large enough to swallow a cruiser whole now, though he’s hoping it’s closing. At least they’d already pounded the clankers into scrap before this particular complication had shown up.

He frowns as he watches, flipping down his rangefinder scope. There isn’t supposed to be anything in the air near the rip, and once he fixes on the object he’d thought he saw, he grimaces, activating his comlink. “General Skywalker, Commander Tano, there’s someone falling out of the tear! They don’t appear to have any means of slowing their fall.”

“I see him, Captain Rex.” Tano is the one who responds, and he watches as the figure slows, cushioned from splatting on the ground by the Jedi.

Rex signals two of his men. “Fives, Echo, take two of our speeders and report to Commander Tano under the rip.” Until the rip is closed, they need to make sure the Jedi are kept safe, and aren’t distracted by anything that comes out of it - though they haven’t had to worry about that until now. He just hopes that whatever - whoever - has come out of the rip, they don’t prove a dangerous distraction before his troopers can take them off Tano’s hands.

Ahsoka steadies the falling man - a human, she’s pretty certain, and not dressed in any particular planetary fashion. A spacer, probably, though why he’s the only one falling out of the rip, and not a whole ship, she’s not certain. Something they should probably ask him later.

“There you go, a safe landing.” She smiles as she makes sure he lands gently on the ground, keeping an eye on him as she hears the whine of speeders approaching. Rex must have sent some troopers to get the civilian out of the fallout zone, and away from the rip.

The tear in the world showed nothing but blackness through the rip. Whatever it was, eternal emptiness or something worse, it made Dean’s skin crawl.  It had opened only inches from where he lay sprawled and bruised on the ground.  He’d hit his head on a tombstone, and everything seems somehow foggy now.  He looks over at the vampires who are responsible for all of this. They’re watching the tear in the world, and none of them so much as blink as Dean pulls himself to his feet.  He’ll never know if one of them noticed him and tripped him up, or if he simply staggered the wrong way thanks to the fog in his head, but suddenly he’s falling through the nothiningness behind the rip in the world, falling at a sickening, gut-wrenching speed.  No matter what he lands on, he’s going to die – if he lands at all.  Maybe he’ll just fall, forever, alone in the darkness.

It takes him a moment to realize that there’s light below him.  He’s going to die, then, and he takes a moment to hope that Sam will be okay, and closes his eyes, waiting for the end.  

It never comes.  Instead, he feels himself beginning to slow, until his feet come gently to rest on the ground.  He barely hears the – the whatever it is – when it speaks, but it does get through to him that it means him no harm, and that he  should put his gun away before someone decides to shoot him for holding it.  Tucking it away at the small of his back, he manages a smile.  It’s automatic, the smile he uses on the civilians he deals with when the job has him up to the elbows in blood but he has to pretend that everything is okay, to preserve their ignorance even though he both scorns and envies them.  

“Thank you,” he says, and means it,  He’s not sure what the hell is going on, but good manners are probably in order.  He manages to catch himself before he sways more than a little bit.  He can feel the blood, sticky and wet, at his temple, and his head is pounding, but he knows his expression gives nothing away.

“You’re welcome.” Ahsoka smiles back at the civilian, trying to be reassuring despite the rip above their heads, and the probability he’s far from wherever he calls home. She doesn’t recognize his accent, though he at least speaks Basic clearly enough. “Where were you before the rip swallowed you up?”

At least she can get some idea where the other end of the rip is, so maybe they can get a message out to Outer Rim Command, or the Council if necessary, to dispatch someone to the other end. Sending the civilian home might take a bit longer, especially since she can see the blood at his temple. An injury will mean a side-trip to a medical frigate, along with a debriefing once there’s someone to do so.

“Iowa,” Dean answers, the response almost automatic as he looks around him, staring at the unfamiliar everything and trying not to panic.  His breath is coming too quickly, his chest tightening until he’s almost gasping for air.  As he struggles to slow his breathing, the dizziness makes him stagger again.

Ahsoka has no idea where Aiowuh is, but she hasn’t memorized every planet and station and moon in the galaxy, so that doesn’t mean a lot. And it could well be the name of a ship, to add to the complication. “Don’t worry, we’ll get you patched up and back home in no time.”

When he staggers, she reaches out to steady him, listening as the speeders come to a halt behind her. She frowns worriedly, looking at the human again a moment. She doesn’t think he’s supposed to look quite that pale, and there is a lot of blood from whatever wound he’s sustained.

“What’s your name?” she asks as she beckons the troopers over. They’ll make sure he’s out of the way of potential harm, and where he has the best chance of getting home safe.

“Dean,” he says.  He backs away from the whatever the hell those things in the white plastic suits are as they come closer.  "What’s yours?  For that matter, where the hell am I? And what are they?“ He points at one of the white plastic men.  "What are you, for that matter?”  His hand is itching for his gun, but the white plastic men are armed, and he doesn’t know how fast they are.

“I’m Ahsoka Tano. I’m not going to hurt you.” She frowns when he doesn’t recognize the clones for what they are, wondering just how far out of the way Iowa must be for Dean to have been insulated from information about the war. That he doesn’t recognize her for togruta is equally as confusing. Even the worst Outer Rim planets at least provided enough of an education for someone to recognize most species. “The troopers will make sure you’re safe, and receive medical attention for your wounds.”

“I’m fine,” Dean says shortly.  The fog in his mind is still there, but he tries to push it to the side, to push through it and *think*.

“Where am I?” he demands again.  "And what are you?  I don’t need medical attention.“  He touches the wound at his temple, then looks at the blood that stains his fingers.  "I’ve had worse plenty of times.” He’s still functioning, so the injury can’t be too bad.  "What I need are answers.“

"Is Aiowuh the most backward planet in the Outer Rim?” Ahsoka rolls her eyes, gesturing for the troopers to come forward to take charge of Dean. “You need to go with the troopers, and out of the fall-out zone. Now.”

If she has to, she’ll order the troopers to stun Dean and carry him out. They’ve managed to take this planet without civilian casulties, and she’s not going to see even a weird dirt-sider get killed because he thinks he’s entitled to answers in a war-zone.

“Planet?” Dean can feel the blood drain from his face. “Please. Just tell me where we are.”

“Orders, sir?” Fives glances at Tano a moment before keeping his attention on the civilian. This isn’t good, when the guy looks like he’s about to fall over, between the head wound and the sudden shock he’s apparently taken.

“I can’t tell you where we are. This is a war-zone, and you shouldn’t be here.” Ahsoka wants to groan with frustration, but keeps the sound from escaping before she addresses the troopers - Fives and Echo, from their armor. “Take Dean back to the perimeter, Fives. If he doesn’t want to go, stun him and carry him back. We need to get the information about where the other end of the rip is to the Council as soon as possible.”

“Don’t you dare stun me,” Dean tells the plastic guys.  "I’ll cooperate,“  There’s nothing more he can learn here; perhaps one of the medics will be chattier.  All he wants to do is to go home, and to do that, he first needs to find out where he’s ended up.

Fives isn’t sure he believes the civilian, but he’ll accept his word for now. Biggest thing is to get him back to the rest of the squad, and report to Captain Rex, and relay any information they can back to the Jedi off-planet.

"Tell them the other end of the rip is on a planet called Iowa. Maybe if someone goes there to help with the rip, we can close it faster.” Ahsoka glances up at the dark slash across the sky, feeling how slowly knitting it back together is happening in the Force. Going, but slowly. “It’s going to take weeks to close this otherwise.”

“Yes, sir.” Fives nods, before coming up to herd the civilian toward the speeders. “I’ll take the civilian on my speeder, Echo. You keep an eye out for stray clankers.”

It’ll be easier that way, and Fives hopes the Jedi have someone they can send to this Aiowuh place. He doesn’t want to spend weeks grounded, not with the way the front lines fluctuate. Being trapped and killed here by clankers doesn’t feel right.

If the place weren’t so obviously a war zone, Dean would think he was dealing with a bunch of larpers again.  As things stand, however, he seems to be farther away from home than he’d ever imagined possible.  The rip seems to be his best chance at getting home again – but not if they close it up.

“The planet’s called Earth, not Iowa,” he says. “And you can’t close that rip!  How am I going to get home?  Besides, if you people show up on my planet, the whole place is going to go nuts.  We’ve never seen aliens before.”

Ahsoka stares at Dean, wondering if he really is as human as he appears, or if he’s just some near-human species that developed parallel to humans. Or maybe a lost colony that’s forgotten about space-travel. She waves Fives and Echo on, not even trying to answer Dean’s question, or explain just how stupid the idea of leaving a rip like that open is.

“Sir, we have to go.” Fives swings a leg over his speeder, waiting for Dean to get on behind him before taking off, dust kicking up behind him and Echo as they race for the perimeter.

Within seconds, Dean knows he’s going to hate this universe.  Flying makes him sick enough when he’s just on an airplane.  This is worse.  Way worse.  Maybe if he were driving it wouldn’t be so bad – the lack of control is what he hates most about flying – but he’s not.  Instead, he’s trying to control his stomach, since he doesn’t think Fives – and what kind of a name is that? – would appreciate being puked on.  When the vehicle finally stops, he dismounts as quickly as he can, desperately glad to be on solid ground again.

Rex watches as the civilian on the speeder behind Fives takes several steps away from the vehicle once they’ve landed, pale as a shiney’s armor. The man looks human enough, though the report from Tano while Fives and Echo had been inbound had indicated he might not be entirely so. Dirt-sider with no off-world contact, no matter what else he might be.

He steps forward with the medic, his helmet tucked under his arm so the civilian can see Rex is as human as he is, at least as far as the civilian’s likely to understand it. “Commander Tano tells me you’re from a planet called Earth, Dean. Do you have coordinates for your planet, if it’s not in the database?”

“No.”  Dean shakes his head.  "We haven’t done enough space travel to need coordinates.  The only place we’ve ever been in space Is the moon.  I know what galaxy it’s in, but I don’t know what you guys call that galaxy.  Is there some reason you guys can’t just shove me back through the rip the way I came?  I made it here; I’m willing to risk trying to make it back.“

Which means someone will have to search the database and hope Dean’s planet is in there. Rex doesn’t touch the idea that Earth is outside the galaxy - he doesn’t think even a rip in space could bring someone from that far away without adverse effects. "We’ll find your planet, and get you home without putting a civilian into harm’s way.” Rex pauses, looking at Dean a long moment. “You said your planet has one moon? Any other planets in the system?”

The more information he has about the system and planet Dean came from, the easier it should be to locate it if it’s known to the Republic.

“Yeah.  There are eight more, or maybe seven.  I think they stopped counting Pluto or something.”  Dean shrugs.  "I’m not a scientist.“

Notes: Written in January 2015, collaborative work with auberus (AO3). It was not returned to after the second writing session. I am not sufficiently familiar with Supernatural (nor care to watch enough to be) to continue this, and my coauthor is not reliably online enough to continue.

If anyone wants to take this and run with it, just please link back to this post for where you got the idea, and send me a link when you post it!
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Oh, Ráva, you are going to get yourself thwacked either by Dáin, or by any number of elves if you have the misfortune of encountering your wayward kin.

In the meantime, Tíli is trying to process one very important piece of information, Dáin is stubbornly refusing to even think about her being in any way related to Thorin, and Dís is calmly wondering if anyone would object to her borrowing Dwalin's hammer to pound some sense into her cousin and one of her guests.

Also, Dís is still the scariest muse of the lot.
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My muses went on a two-week party and didn't invite me. They came home dragging plot bunnies, and begged me to keep them.

I have new world-building to do in one of my AUs, the potential for more growth in one of my original worlds, and a renewed enthusiasm for the editing of a couple of stories that need to be finished.

(And I get to do this alongside other work that needs done, but it'll get there.)

I also have a Sci-Fi Big Bang story to make sure is polished and hope actually gets picked for artwork (it hasn't yet - anyone reading my journal interested in doing art or beta'ing a Stargate SG1/Criminal Minds crossover that's centered around Sam, Baal, and Rossi?).
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So, a lot of things I've been reading lately from links friends have posted have been making me think. And among them was one that suggested posting about female characters - there was a lot of other stuff in there, too, and really, I recommend going and reading the post.

Anyway. I'm going to try to post something every Friday about a female character (or female historical figure or female mythological being) that I love. And why I think they're awesome. Some of them are probably as loved, some of them, maybe not, but it doesn't matter, because I think they are awesome and I want to talk about why I adore them.

Today... well, I have been trying to decide who is the most awesome woman I want to talk about, and I am spoiled for choice (possibly because I devour fiction of any media that gives me a visual - even if that visual is just words on a page). And you know what, I think I'll start with one I can actually recall seeing hate directed at, and not really being able to understand why people would hate with such vigor - though I do have to thank those people, because it made me take a second look at a character I had no real feeling for, and find reasons to like her.

Gwen Cooper, from Torchwood. Because she is curious, determined, refuses to back down when she thinks she's right, makes her own decisions about her sexuality and partners, and because she makes mistakes. Because she's fallible and human, and gets caught up in something entirely outside the experience of the every day that it's overwhelming - and she doesn't run away from it, but embraces it. Because she knows she's made mistakes, and is both strong enough to admit them, and weak enough to want to cover them up at the same time.

Is it weird that the things that I'd heard as reasons to hate her are some of the reasons I adore her? Maybe. Not sure I care beyond acknowledging that it is maybe weird.

I love her because she made the choice to sleep with Owen, to admit that to Rhys - and Retcon Rhys at the same time - and in the end, decided to stay with Rhys and to marry him.

I love her because she is willing to tell Jack that he's wrong, even if it later turns out she doesn't have all the facts. That she's willing to stand up for people who have had their lives turned inside-out by the Rift, and to try to help them, even if those she's trying to help aren't entirely happy about it later.

I love her because she fought the Retcon, and refused to be shunted aside when she investigated Torchwood. Because she decided to join Torchwood despite the risks and the weirdness.

I love her because she's strong enough to step into the role of leader when Jack runs away to follow the Doctor. To hold onto the team despite the mess. To make the sort of hard decisions someone leading a group that runs into danger has to make - and despite most of her tenure as leader happening in the space between series one and series two, I don't doubt she had to make those sort of decisions while Jack was gone.

And that's just canon.

I love writing her when I write Torchwood because she makes a fantastic leader for Torchwood, because she makes a dangerous field agent for the same, because she wants to help even when she doesn't know how.

Fairytales and Nightmares - Gwen is the head of Torchwood Cardiff, and keeps together a motley bunch while playing diplomacy with the Founding Directors, the British government, and making a life at home with her partner. She's juggling a lot, and sometimes it stresses her out, but she never lets it break her.

Darker Guardians - She's one of the field agents that Lisa recruits to Torchwood from the police, and she's set up as a team with Jack and Owen. I haven't actually written any scenes from that AU with Gwen, merely planned out what I wanted to do with her. Darker edged, colder, but that's because this AU is darker and colder.

Lieutenant to Chaos - Where she's one of Jack's strays that he calls team in Cardiff, liaising with the police, being their visible face and their PR woman. Where she worries about Jack and his relationships, and tries her best to be what Torchwood needs her to be, and what Rhys needs her to be, and I really need to write some more of this, and parts with her.

And you know what, I really need to have posted more of what little I've written with her in those AUs, and I ought to write more with her in those AUs. Even if all I write are snippets. Which means rewatching the first two series of Torchwood (in which there's more than just Gwen for me to squee over, and to yell at the screen over, because Tosh, and I will never not be grumpy that Tosh was killed at the end of series two).

Also, I'm not putting this behind a cut, and it will be public, because otherwise, what's the point of posting the love? Feel free to comment with your own favorite female characters and moments of their being awesome (or links to your own post of women being awesome), or pictures or fic.
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Not that I actually have a problem with that, just that it's an awfully long list if I don't pare it down. Things in edits or actively in progress projects are listed with teasers and notes and other details. The ones I'm not sure about or are inactive just have fandom, characters, and pairings if applicable. Details available if anyone wants to know more. Entire file available if anything makes you want to take it apart and play with the pieces.

Because I'm not insane enough to do this without a cut - In Edits and Active Projects )

This would be much longer if I didn't leave out the co-written ones - Incomplete )

There is a list of ones that I have no idea what I'm doing with, and there's the list of ones I'm working on with [ profile] auberus. These are lists that are very long, and I'm not posting.
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Meager Tide of Human Destruction
An older story
Fandom: Highlander
Rating: Teen
Characters: Alysse, Kronos

"Whole villages washed away, swaths of forest left tangled and fallen. How can you compare that beautiful fury to the meager tide of human destruction?"

Debts of Honor To Be Repaid In Service
To Live Is Not the Easy Choice
Rebuilding From the Foundations
The Power of Kings
Necessary Secrets
Stories 2-6 of Archer, Battle-Mage, Trickster, and Warrior.
Fandoms: Avengers (2012), Norse Mythology
Rating: Teen
Characters: Clint Barton, Angrboða, Loki, Hel, Natasha Romanov, Sif, Phil Coulson, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Thor, the Warriors Three, Frigga

Loki is returned to Asgard to face justice, though what precisely that entails is not made clear to SHIELD or the Avengers.

Clint goes on a vacation with a girlfriend, Anna, who has secrets of her own that could have consequences beyond the two of them.

Phil Coulson refuses to die, and the Queen of the Dead is inclined to let his soul go, no matter what the wishes of her paternal relatives.

The rest of the Avengers - and more than a few other interested parties - are just along for the ride.

He Dreams
The story I wrote for Highlander Holiday Short Cuts.
Fandoms: Highlander, Celtic Mythology, Semitic Mythology, Babylon 5, Lord of the Rings, Real Person Fic
Rating: Teen
Characters: Methos, Lorien, John Sheridan, The Morrigan, Henry V of England, The Bridget, Joe Dawson, Anat, Gollum, Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, JRR Tolkien

He walks dreams and he dreams reality, and one turns into the other and back again.

Domestic Arrangements
The story I wrote for I Saw Three Ships.
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: Teen
Characters: Ginny Weasley, Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini, Dudley Dursley

This is her paradise, and she has two of the most entertaining men she could desire. She has no regrets, and never looks back.

Force of Presence
Written for the Unwritten Meme, prompt by [personal profile] donutsweeper.
Fandoms: Magnificent Seven, Torchwood
Rating: Teen
Characters: Jack Harkness, Nathan Jackson, Ezra Standish, Josiah Sanchez, Buck Wilmington, JD Dunne, Vin Tanner, Chris Larabee

That they do so simply from the force of their presence is something Jack hasn't seen in anyone else save the Doctor - and he's pretty sure none of these men is even a time-traveler. No unusual radiation, no sign of any alien technology, just seven human men.

Beloved Muse
Reaction to episode 8.12 "Zugzwang" of Criminal Minds. Spoilers for the end of the episode.
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Rating: Teen
Characters: Spencer Reid, Aaron Hotchner, JJ Jereau, Penelope Garcia, Maeve

In one world, the gun fires and two bodies hit the ground. In another, things go rather differently.
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Because it's appearing in more than one journal on my flist/reading circle.

Tell me a story I haven’t written, and I will give you at least 1-3 sentences from or about it. Or more. Hopefully.

(1) One prompt per person.

(2) Crossover prompts are allowed and encouraged (this is me we're talking about, and even if the prompt isn't a crossover, there's a 50% chance it'll end up being one anyway).

(3) Fandoms Allowed: Um. List below, plus Norse, Celtic, or Semitic mythologies, Arthurian legends, Shakespeare's Henry V, 15th century RPF (early 15th century England and France, really).

Lord of the Rings
Joss-verse (Buffy, Angel)
Whoniverse (Doctor Who, Torchwood)
Burn Notice
Bond-verse (Daniel Craig era or Goldeneye)
Law & Order (SVU, Criminal Intent)
CSI Miami
NCIS Los Angeles
Harry Potter
Marvel Cinematic Universe (X-Men [all except First Class], Iron Man, Avengers, Thor, Captain America, Hulk)
Magnificent Seven (TV)
The Mummy
Stargate (SG1, Atlantis)
Star Trek (DS9, TNG)
Sorcerer's Apprentice
Star Wars
The Borgias
Criminal Minds
Babylon 5
Pirates of the Caribbean
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Title: Warrior Child
Fandom: Farscape
Genres: Alternate Universe, Episode Related
AU: Teeg's Choice
Rating: Teen
Characters: Teeg, Bialar Crais, Talyn, Aeryn Sun
Word Count: 1278

Notes: Set after the events of Teeg's Choice, and a continuation of the story of what would happen if Teeg had chosen a different course of action in "That Old Black Magic".

Chapter 1/?
Chapter 2

Summary: The events of "Mind the Baby" go a little differently with three additional Peacekeepers on board Talyn. All loyal to Crais.

Chapter 1 )

On Terra Firma
LJ, AO3, my website
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Title: Plots of Destruction
Word Count: 242
Status: Complete

Genre: Humour, Meta-Fic, Dialogue
Rating: PG

Commentary: Any, except on lack of action. I was eavesdropping on the muses.

I'm Doomed, So Doomed )
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Title: The Raven and the Sea
Word Count:
Status: incomplete, on hold

Genre: Drama
Rating: PG13

Comments: Characterization, scenery, plot (even though there's not much to go on)

Chapter 1 )
Chapter 2, partial )

To the Moon

Jan. 2nd, 2007 12:46 am
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Title: To the Moon
Word Count:
Status: incomplete, on hold

Genre: Romance, Drama
Rating: R
Warnings: nudity

Comments: Characterization, as have little plot as yet... and I am hoping to do something other than semi-plotless fluff

Chapter 1 )
Chapter 2, partial )
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Title: Until You Come To Me
Word Count: 806 (not counting titles or lyrics)
Status: complete

Genre: Drama, Supernatural
Rating: G

Comments: Welcome

Until You Come To Me )
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Title: Methos in Miami
Word Count: 473
Status: incomplete

Genres: Humour
Rating: PG13

Comments: On characterization or descriptions, or amusement value, please.

Methos in Miami )
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